Saturday, May 15, 2010

Year Old Cousins

Here are the Boling cousins in pictures close to their first birthdays. (In actuality the oldest and youngest are just under a year and a half apart.) Emily and Hallie both have blonde hair, and Annibelle definitely has red hair. Jill's so far is somewhat in between red and blonde. I'm not sure which is predominant at this point. Emily, Annibelle, and Jill all have blue eyes. Hallie's seem to be a bit green-brown, perhaps hazel. Annibelle has these sweet curls, and she's unique with those! The rest all have straight, straight hair at this point. Which do you think look the most alike?

The other three definitely had more hair on their first birthdays than Jill did. Sigh. Time . . . just give it time. :)


  1. the top one could definately be confused with jill :)
    she just has thin hair, she will thank you for it later. my husband's sisters have such thick hair and it looks so hard to manage and like it's just too much. mine is so thin and i love it- it will do anything i tell it to :)

  2. Ha, that one of Hallie that you posted she almost looks like a boy because there is no clip in her hair. I can see similarities between Jill and Hallie, for sure. I think Actually that I see some between Jill and Annibelle too, the face structure, maybe?


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