Saturday, April 10, 2010

Time flies . . . when you're flying

Well, life has been busy in Collett land. The most exciting main event was the 90th birthday of my grandmother, and Jill's Gigi. Jill and I were able to fly down to Texas to celebrate as well as see other family members. We were there for five days and had a lot of fun. I hope I age as well as she is!

Mimi and Marcia

While in Texas, Jill learned her first word. Well, there are other words that I think she says, such as "this," "that," "cheese," and "kiss." But I'm not really sure. She is definitely talking. Just not anything that really makes sense. Oh yes, and "yes." It definitely sounds like she says "yes" and "I did it" sometimes. Anyway, while in Texas, Jill and I spent a lot of time at my aunt Cathy's house. At her house was my cousin's dog, named Desoto (as shown below). Desoto had a penchant for licking Jill and getting really excited around her, so his owners would always say "git" and push him away. (In the picture, Jill's second cousin Jade is featured doing the pushing.) Well, Jill started saying "git." Once she even walked around after the dog saying "git." I am not sure whether she realizes that "git" is really "get," or whether she thinks "git" means "dog." Either way, she's really cute when she says it.

Friends of my family (or perhaps only family members haha) will recognize the pink hat. It has been featured in many pictures and videos and really seems to get around the family. I think I have pictures of myself, Amy, Peter, Dad, and Mom all wearing this pink straw hat at different times. I'm not really sure why, as it is not an incredibly attractive hat. I think its predominant feature is that the bright pink makes it harder to lose (dismiss?) than other hats, and that is why it is so well used in our family.

Sadly, this is the only picture that I have that includes all the family members who were there. Grandma had all of her children and children-in-law there (six total), four of her grandchildren (out of ten total), and two great-grandchildren (out of eight total (with two more on the way!!)).

Easter happened while we were in Texas, so the following pictures are some pictures of Jill and I on Easter Sunday.

All Smiles

"Okay, I'll give you a kiss, Mommy."

"I'm not sure I want you to kiss me though . . ."

Jill did really great on the airplane, all things considering. I lucked out and didn't have to change any diapers on the plane. (What a blessing!) On the first plane ride, I had twenty minutes before boarding, so I decided to go change her diaper. I let her walk to the bathroom, but I didn't consider that while the bathroom was close, she walks really slow still. :) When we left the bathroom, I had to pick her up and hustle, because there was no longer anyone sitting at the gate, and the woman at the gate said she had wondered where we had gone to and that we were lucky, because they were about to shut the doors.

I got on the plane, and the stewardess had moved someone else for me, so Jill and I could have an empty seat next to us and sit in the back row of the plane. (I know that "flight attendant" is politically correct, but I like the word "stewardess.") I appreciated the fewer distractions offered by sitting in the back row, but it was noisier and colder (I thought). The people sitting in front of us were very kind and smiled at Jill. She was pretty fussy throughout, because it was time for her to be napping, but she only had noisy cries twice, and finally after almost two hours she fell asleep. Of course, that was near the end of the flight, but I won't complain. I'm just glad it happened eventually. She didn't seem to have trouble with her ears popping, but I did get her to suck as we took off and then she was asleep when we landed.

After the plane landed, I tried to get my things together and put her in her front pack and keep her asleep. It didn't work, but it did take me a long time. I was the last person off the plane, and when I got to the end of the Jet Bridge (?), the door into the airport was closed, and I couldn't get it to open. (It ended up not being that difficult to do, but I didn't realize you had to push down the button while opening the door. I just kept pushing it and then trying to open the door. Sigh.) I walked back down and had the stewardess come back up with me to help me get into the airport. I've never been that slow off a plane before!! I started to worry at one point that the plane would taxi away to a different gate before I was able to get back down to it, and I would be stuck. (I'm sure that never really happens, but hey, I have an active imagination!)

She did better on the flight on the way back to Cincinnati. She fell asleep earlier, and the people sitting near us were even more friendly. One held Jill for me when I used the bathroom. The stewardess on this one was nice, but not as bend-over-backward accommodating as the first flight. (The stewardess on the first flight gave Jill extra cookies and her own apple juice; she held Jill for me twice; and she said I could walk Jill up and down the aisles whenever I needed to as long as the seatbelt light wasn't lit.) Jill still fussed a bit, but never actually cried, and again never seemed to be bothered by the air pressure on her ears.

Even though Jill made things relatively easy, I do not recommend flying with a baby without your spouse. It is complicated. Especially when you have to go to the bathroom and your baby still prefers to crawl rather than walk. Gross.

We Survived

As always when I travel without Jeff, my favorite part of the trip is coming back home to him!!



    Love the pictures, love Jill, love you.

  2. o good job jill! i'm so glad you didn't have any flight complications! and i love jill's little crooked half smile :) what a cutie

  3. Glad you had a safe trip!

    Those doors are ridiculous, I know!

  4. That little Jilly Bean is so CUTE! I just want to pinch her cheeks.

  5. Love the pink straw hat and her Easter dress!

  6. You're a great mom and you have a beautiful family! Hip hip! Hooray!


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