Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jill's First Year in Pictures

It happened. Jill has been alive for a whole year. Almost. This evening, she will have been alive for a whole year! :) Let me tell you what, I am enjoying today and yesterday evening a bit more than I did last year. Not that it wasn't exciting for Jill to finally come. Haha. That was very exciting. It's just the method that babies come is not the most exciting. Miraculous? Yes. Amazing? Yes. Painful? Yes. ;)

Here she is!!
One photo for every month, beginning with her first day.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!


  1. Wow she started off so small! Happy Birthday Jill!

  2. What a Bean!! Her present is almost done, probably mail it tomorrow! (Sorry it's late, Bean.)

  3. happy birthday jill! she has changed so much month to month- crazy!

  4. We're glad we got to sing you Happy Birthday Jill!

    Love, GranB and Pappy

  5. My favorite is the laundry basket photo. So adorable. And I have decided that she wants her birthday present now, so I will be mailing it soon. June is just too long to wait for a birthday present. :)

  6. I will add my well-wishes too: Happy Birthday Jill! I really like the halloween outfit: So Cute It's Scary! :) Aurora turns 1 next week!


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