Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Day.

And here are pictures of the day we celebrated the birth of Jill. There are a few more on facebook if you'd really like to see more of Jill eating cake. :) The day consisted mostly of going to church and then to Jeff's parents' house. Kevin came down from Oxford, and we enjoyed dinner and birthday cake together. It is not the first time Jill had cake, but it was definitely the first time she was able to hold something herself that had frosting on it. You'll notice she changed out of her cute outfit when cake time rolled around. Grandpa even gave her some ice cream to rub into the mix, too. Doggie Sammy was quite content sitting at her feet, and we plopped her in the bathtub when it was all done. Thank you, Laurie!


  1. So SO SO SO SO love that bean. And her parents.

    Um, so the shirt she is wearing for the cupcake fest is that one of Jeff's old ones that Laurie's been holding on to?

  2. haha, she killed that cupcake! I love it! I can't believe she is already one. Time goes by so fast. I got your card in the mail yesterday and it literally made my day. I love how it was addressed to Ryan from Jill. Someday...

    Also, I love the easter picture of Jill. The stuffed bunny is as big as she is!!!

  3. The family pic is so cute!


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