Sunday, April 25, 2010

And of lesser importance

I colored my hair. I caved. I've held strong and natural for a while, but haha . . . all things must come to an end, right? I'll go natural again next time. :)

Before, I had a few people every now and then say that Jill had my hair color, but now every new person I meet seems to mention that she got my hair. Haha. I didn't really intend to dye to match, but I wanted a change that wouldn't be completely drastic like light blonde or dark brown or red, so light red seemed to be what I was looking for, and here I am.

It's been interesting to notice the reactions. In sunlight, people don't notice as much. Some people just think that the sun brings out natural red in my hair. (And if I look at older pictures of myself, it kind of does.) Only one person has noticed immediately with confidence. Some people don't notice at all, and I have to say something (or I just don't say anything and let them continue on thinking it's my natural color). And some people notice, but aren't sure, and they ask if I've done something. Tee hee. It's kind of fun. I really don't think it's too huge of a change though. It almost seems like it has the same light/dark level, just with a new color.

One thing it does seem to do is make my eyes look bluer and my cheeks rosier. A few people have commented that my face seems to have more color now, and I agree.

On the funny side, the first day I dyed my hair, I looked at my reflection quite a bit (sometimes in surprise because I had forgotten anything was different, haha). After a lot of looking, I thought to myself, "Hm. Strawberry blonde is just a nice way to say orange, isn't it? Please don't tell me I just dyed my hair orange." I have decided since then, though, that there is a difference between orange and strawberry blonde. Orange would be much more glaring and bright. Strawberry blonde is softer, pinker.


  1. Cute! I love it! I have been struggling with the "should I or shouldn't I?" when it comes to coloring my hair. I just get bored with my natural color after a while.

  2. It's not a big change but it's super cute!

  3. You know I'm in the Mimi fan club no matter what your hair color is, but I think it's cute, and like I said the other day so natural.

    I love that people think you gave Jill her hair color now though! That's funny. At least they don't worry about where her red haired daddy is when they see you with Jeff now though. Ha ha ha.

  4. Oh, please tell me I'm the one person who noticed immediately and with confidence! LOL

    You look fab. :)

  5. nope sorry victoria i think that was me :) lol
    looks great mimi- good idea :)

  6. And with your new hair color you don't need glasses any more.

  7. I noticed the way it changed your face first. I thought maybe you wore you makeup different or something. Then, sitting behind you in Primary, I did think your hair looked like it had more red in it. It really does look great! (I have a fondness for strawberry blonde, though. That was my natural hair color for most of my life!)

  8. Agree with your papa, the first thing I noticed was that strawberry blond improved your eyesight.
    I love you with any color hair but I do really enjoy this strawberry blond hair, which is far from orange.

  9. Oh man. Life would be awesome if I could improve my eyesight by dyeing my hair!!!! I put my contacts on, because the instructions said to take off glasses, and as we know, I'm blind as a bat without them!

  10. Very cute! And I totally believe in hair makes you feel better.


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