Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Song

So, as previously mentioned, I sang "I Will Always Love You" in our recent ward talent night. Someone has posted it on youtube, so now I can put it on my blog. Someday I'll buy a cord to connect our camera to the computer. Some day. Tee hee. This camera was just on a tripod, so that's why the video doesn't follow me when I walk off screen at the end and why you get some footage of my husband's shoulder and a bit of my baby. Jeff says she's crying at the end. Haha. I would like to think she's singing along with me. :)

So, in all its glory, here is the $3.50 Goodwill dress. Please note that I am wearing a white shirt under the dress. I am not that pale nor that immodest. :)

Also, I reiterate that while I did a good job at the talent night, it was not my best. Jeff says that the mistakes aren't that noticeable, but they make me cringe. So for all of you who have a discerning ear, yes I did go flat occasionally, yes due to my nerves I could not always control my vibrato, and yes I almost lost it at the end. But, I always kept singing and all together, I think it pulled together quite nicely. I just wish I hadn't gotten nervous. Oh well, if wishes were butterflies . . . I'd be covered with them. Haha. Okay, how does that really go?

"I Will Always Love You" was written (lyrics and composition) by Dolly Parton. My version is closer to Whitney Houston's cover of the song.

Again, if you're on facebook, you can actually watch it on facebook, a friend put it up. Click here to watch it on facebook. Although, if you're not his friend, I'm not sure if you'll be able to view it, but it's worth a try.

You can also click here to view it on youtube.

Enjoy! I had fun doing it. I hope you have fun watching it!


  1. lol- it was bro cass. i wish he would have put all of the performances on it cuz i missed your hubbys.
    stop being so critical of yourself! i thought i did mine perfectly but now that i listen to it back i'm like "o crap!"... but i still didn't point out all my mistakes on my blog! lol so hopefully no one will notice.
    you did an excellent job and i think you sang it perfectly :)

  2. I didn't notice any mistakes on your song. :)

    And I hope Jeff's video gets put up too. I would like to see it again!

  3. Sara is shouldn't be so critical of yourself and the mistakes aren't that noticeable unless you point them out!!! :D I think you sounded great! I'm so bummed we had to miss it. I love how talented our ward is!

  4. i think you did great! (and we've been watching it all weekend long so grace could see the lady who would be her teacher today :).

  5. You know you're hot. Just accept it.

  6. I think it's just beautiful Mimi. That's all. Just plain beautiful. Thanks so much! It's been awhile since I've heard you sing and your voice is gorgeous. Elegant, simple-in-a-good-way, pure, tender, and true. Like you. Also. Super impressive key change.
    But above all this, I wish you love. ;)

  7. hey we just had to buy another one of those cords cuz i have misplaced my regular one. it is a little different because you actually take your memory card out and plug it in to the thingy which you plug into your computer, but it works just the same and it was only like 25 bucks as opposed to 60 :)


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