Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The world has changed a lot in the past few decades. I can't think of the last time I read a newspaper. I don't even watch the news on TV. I personally get all of my news from the few magazines I read, internet websites, and occasionally the radio. I like to stay abreast of what is going on, but every now and then I hate what I have learned about our world today. However, I feel like there is an important trend growing in our culture that is being ignored by many, and I want to address it. That said, please know that the following is not uplifting, so if you don't need to read something depressing, don't continue.

People are escaping their lives by relying on technology instead of people. Humanity is purposefully losing touch with reality.

What do I mean by this? I mean men and women who ignore their families and lose their jobs because of the time they're spending on gaming and other sites. Some even die. Story

I mean a middle schooler who may face child pornography charges and time in jail for selling naked pictures of his girlfriend from his phone. Story

I mean people who view pornography and lose the ability to have satisfying, real relationships.

I mean the man who was arrested for suspicion of stealing a car and then killed three men. After being captured, the man said, "Life is like a video game. Everybody’s got to die sometime." The story and a similar story

And most recently, I mean the couple who let their baby starve to death while "nurturing" an online baby. CNN news story link Another covering of the story

Never before has it been so easy to escape your life by creating a new one. As one of the articles mentioned, imaginary friends used to be just that. Imaginary. Through video games and the internet, imaginary friends can now take precedence over your real life.

So call this an isolated incidence if you want. Ignore it if it makes you feel uncomfortable. But know that I honestly think our global culture is headed toward a world where fantasy—online games, social networking sites, 3-D movies, texting, etc.—is more popular than reality.

Because reality, of course, does not offer instant gratification nor does it grant you complete control.

I have to be honest with myself and ask how much I have allowed virtual relationships and the internet to overpower physical relationships. Do I ever make Jeff wait to talk to me or do something, because I want to read one more blog post? Do I ever ignore people at my house to look at one last picture online or write one more message? Do I read about celebrities online instead of reading my scriptures or other edifying literature? Do I let Jill cry one more time or get into another cupboard, because I'm busy uploading pictures on facebook?

These might be small things now, but if you don't monitor yourself, they can easily become out of control. As they did for that couple and their poor dead baby.


  1. yeah suckee. you sort of briefed on that while vt-ing at sara's and i have been thinking more about it since then. even blogging i sometimes feel guilty about. or when you are at someone's house and they spend all their time on the computer- while you are there!!! what is that?!

  2. I definitely feel this pull toward virtual reality in my own life. I get on my email/facebook/blogs just to feel connected to the outside world at least a little bit. I think being a stay at home mom, and not having a car to go places makes it extremely hard for me to connect with real people. But, I know there are things I can and should do to keep that connection with reality. Even if it means not reading that last blog post, just so I can give Benji a little more attention!

  3. Hey I read this last night, but I wanted to think about it before commenting. Here are some of my thoughts.

    1. Those stories are horrible! That's why I can't stand to listen to the news anymore.
    2. I have to remind myself that we can't judge the people in those stories, it's not our place, and we don't know them or their situation. (And even if we did, still can't judge them, that's not our job - except when you're on a jury, I suppose.)
    3. I was thinking about the internet, and I think about what you wrote, and all the evil ways it is used, and how I feel that I spend too much time on it, and should I just never use it? But then I remember that just about every General Conference they talk about how all this modern technology is such a blessing from God, and I know that it is, because it does also strengthen real relationships, like how Hallie gets to talk to Jill, and I get to talk to you, and so on. I know that Satan does everything he can whenever there is a good thing in this world to make it as ugly and evil as he can. But as long as we, like you said, monitor ourselves, and use it as a tool to help strengthen the real relationships we do have without sacrificing other ones, then it is a good thing.
    4. Hanna is on the couch behind me "snarfing" as Hallie would say. I guess that means my blogging time is over.

  4. You know Michelle, that is why I don't read or listen to the news. It is depressing. You are right, you do have to monitor your time on the computer and your children's but don't let those stories get to you, The media only covers parts of the nasty parts, there might be more nasty parts they didn't cover, the couple obviously were psycho! And the guy in the internet cafe, did that to himself, he starved himself and didn't sleep because he was obviously depressed. I would suggest for you to not watch the news anymore!!!!


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