Saturday, February 20, 2010

Well, well, well

So, this is possibly the longest time I've gone without a post in recent time, but can you blame me for leaving the post about my exciting new house at the top? :) This post will just be a random combination of what's been going on. I don't have any real thoughts to share.

Okay . . . so first random thought: Jill dances now. So cute! When I sing or music plays, she sways back and forth and smiles really big. She loved watching the Disney Movie "Starstruck" with Grandma and I, because she kept getting to dance over and over again.

Her four top teeth that cut last month are really showing up now, so she keeps surprising people with her mouth "full" of teeth. :) She occasionally surprises her mom, too, in an unpleasant way with her new teeth while eating. Ouch.

We get to close on our house this Wednesday instead of March 3, so that's one week early. Jeff and I are pretty psyched!! We started buying things and trying to decide what colors to start decorating with. It's kind of overwhelming to think of decorating the whole house at once. Luckily, we are limited by budget, so we can't get too overwhelmed.

Jeff and I got to spend a long weekend in Indianapolis with my side of the family. Everyone made it in. We had two tasty family dinners, and another highlight was swimming at the hotel Mom and Dad stayed at. One wall was entirely windows and the snow was really coming down, so it was kind of surreal to watch the snow while wearing a swim suit. :) Jill was a bit hesitant with being in the pool but only cried a tiny bit at the beginning. That was Valentine's Day weekend, so in response to what Jeff and I did for V Day, we went to church—twice. Once to Danny's ward and then again to Pete's ward. :) How romantic!

I am loving watching the Olympics. It's just so inspiring. I mean, even the people who don't place are so incredibly talented. And those that do medal just achieved the goals they have been working toward for years. It's amazing. Some of the sports are kind of scary though. Like luge. And these really fast down hill skiing events. It is though, as always, really cool to see all the different countries being represented.

Let's see . . . what else is going on.

Oh yeah! Tonight I went to band practice for my ward. I can't even believe how talented they are! I haven't chosen a song to sing yet, and honestly I'm a bit intimidated at the idea of singing with a band, but they told me I could sing a song just for fun, so I chose "The Impossible Dream" from Man of La Mancha, and the keyboard came in, then the drums, then the two guitars, and they just followed me and picked right up my tempo and the notes, and everything, and I was just so amazed. I can't even imagine what it would be like to be able to do that. Also there was Sara H. who is singing a really fun song that I had never heard before. Hopefully I can pick up on the harmonies and sing some back up for her. I'm getting pretty excited about the ward talent extravaganza at the end of March.

Um . . . I had so many thoughts, and now I can't recall them. I guess that's all for now!


  1. congrats on your house! so are you moving in as soon as you close?? do you need any help??
    oh yeah the band... i think i could do an entire post about jd's basement!! seriously- it just boggles my mind every time i am in there. and he can play all of those- which is even more amazing.
    i think they really want you to do that song. it seemed like they were really trying to learn it. i wouldn't be surprised if they practiced it some more even after we left.
    o so your voice is killer! i love it! this is the first time i have heard you sing by yourself. it's so crazy cuz you are so tiny and petite and it's like "where did this huge strong voice come from??"
    anyways i just wrote you an email too so that's probably enough from me tonight.
    talk to you soon :)

  2. First of all, Wahoo on the house! I am so excited for you guys! I can't wait for future posts of your decorating!

    Second, Jill dances?! I think that calls for a video.

    Third, I must see her toothy grin. Pictures are in order.

    Last, I miss you guys! Like a lot.

    That's all.

  3. About time-I have been wondering where you have been. Always enjoy looking at your pictures and seeing what you are up to. I didn't know you sang- I am excited to hear you. I think that night will be awesome. It was a lot of fun last to you later.

  4. Meems - I can't look at your blog and not leave a comment, but I just wrote you a long email and have to go to the bathroom, so that's really all I have on my mind.

    ha ha - love ya!


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