Thursday, January 21, 2010

When not to share

We apparently have done a great job teaching Jill to share!

Monday: Jill got sick.
Tuesday: Laurie got sick. (Laurie is Jill's grandma.)
Wednesday: Kyle got sick. (Kyle is Jill's uncle.)
Thursday: Jeff got sick.

Dum dum dum da dum . . . 

Will Daryl (Grandpa) or Mimi get sick? Stay tuned!!

Poor sick little girl

While everyone is blaming the sickness on Jill. I do have to wonder if someone else got it first and it just manifested first on Jill, because she's little and her immune system isn't used to being sick. Possible? Maybe?

Diarrhea Update
(Haha. How often to you get to see that subtitle on a blog post?) The doctor said the results are in: Jill does not have a parasite or bacteria in her. However, since the diarrhea has been going on for so long, he is slightly worried. He also said that the poop he saw when I took her in was unlike poop he had ever seen an almost 9-month old baby make. Hmm. (Yay for being special!) So, if she doesn't firm up by Monday, he recommends I take her to a digestive/intestine specialist to check for viruses.


  1. Oh that sounds miserable! I hope everyone recovers and no one else gets sick! And also that she doesn't have any viruses or anything. One thing that helps our family is taking probiotics and the Boirons Oscillococcinum. They really do help to get whatever is making you sick out of your system a lot faster.

  2. I second giving (or all of you taking) probiotics. Even if there isn't anything yucky there, the probiotics will help things get better. And, I highly doubt the doctor had never seen poop that bad in a 9 month old. Doctors say all kinds of crap (hehe) to freak parents into medical action....But, I may be biased because Benji's first doc told me that he HAD brain damage due to his exremely mild jaundice. *roll eyes* I hope you all recover quickly!

  3. of course jill is innocent!!!!!!!
    i hope you don't have to take her to the specialist. break the bank- lemme tell ya!

  4. So, this is probably not the best definition you could find, but antibiotics kill the bad bacteria in your body and probiotics feed/nurture/whatever the good bacteria in your body. Or something like that. Hm. You should probably google it. Haha.


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