Friday, January 8, 2010

Picture Time

Hey you! Are you ready to look at some pictures?
Since I'm the one who keeps Mom too busy to post pictures, 
I thought I'd help her out and post them for her!

Here's Mommy and the Hermanas on Christmas.

Mommy with her friend Anayancy

Me and Grandma! I'm working on some new teeth. :)

Mommy and my grandmas

Look at me in the stinkin' cute dress cousin Emily lent me.

Mommy, I love Pizza King! Please let me eat some pizza next time!

There's my first cousin-once-removed Tina and her new hubby Marley.
Don't they look spiffy?

Mommy and her friend Amanda. Amanda sure was surprised by how big I've gotten!

Michelle and Briana (more friends of Mommy) came to visit, too. 
What a lucky girl I am!

You can just say it: I'm pretty darn stinkin' cute. :)
Go Cougars!
(Thanks Uncle Jason and Aunt Amy for the awesome hat!)
(P.S. I'm pretty excited about wearing big girl jeans!!)


  1. It cannot be said enough: that Baby Jill is stinkin' cute!!

  2. 1)I love those cute little teeth on the bottom! 2)That hermana in blanco looks like Mandy Moore. 3)My mouth is WATERING for Pizza King now! 4) Glad "MA" (of MANA) was able to get together. 5)Chelle's expression reminds me of Kyle John Bell in that picture. *shrug* I don't know! And there was a Briana Alexander in my ward in Idaho. 6)SUPER cute outfit - pink Y beanie, puffy sleeved shirt, and embellished big girl jeans - sista's got it goin' ON!

  3. oh my gosh, she is so darn cute. Enjoy!!

  4. you are right. way too stinkin cute :) love the big girl jeans. and you look beautiful in that orange top ;)


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