Saturday, January 9, 2010

Can I just say . . .

. . . that this week has not been superb.

Poor Baby Jill. She got sick for the first time this past week. (Sick meaning fever, cough, runny nose, and diarrhea.) I went to the doctor this morning, and she now has an ear infection as well. And to top everything off, she is currently cutting FOUR teeth. Yes, four. Her top row all decided to make the trip together.


Haha. So, we're both really tired, and she's miserable, poor little thing.

I love Infant Tylenol and Baby Orajel.

Funny story. Jeff was at the store, so he picked up some more Tylenol for us. He came home and handed it to me proudly. I looked at it and said, "Jeff, this is children's Tylenol. We need Baby Tylenol." He slumped, "Oh." So, I told him it was fine, she'll get bigger, and we'll need it eventually. But he went back to the store the next day and returned it for Baby Tylenol. That day I went to the doctor and was given a chart that listed how much she could take according to how big she was. At 18 pounds (and she's now 18 pounds 13 ounces), she can either take a lot of Baby Tylenol or a little Children's Tylenol. Haha. So Jeff didn't buy the wrong one after all. Poor, amazing hubby of mine.


  1. Is a little children's Tylenol easier to get into Jill than a lot of baby Tylenol? Jeff was probably brilliant.

    I just saw the latest Harry Potter for a $ from Red box and I am very into "brilliant" right now.

  2. I HATE when babies are sick. No fun at all. Brookie has had 3 ear infections in the last 2 months - here's hoping she doesn't get one more, or she'll need tubes in her ears. I hope she gets better soon. I would venture a guess that you BOTH (or maybe all 3?) need to catch up on sleep.

  3. You know, you can put some breast milk in Jill's ear and it will help her ear infection. I do it all the time when I suspect that Benji is getting sick (whether due to an ear infection or for other reasons), and he hasn't had an ear infection yet! I usually just put it in both ears.

    It's been a crummy week for us too. I hope it gets better for everyone!

  4. o poor baby!
    i hope she is better already :)
    will you guys be at church tomorrow?

  5. Just keep reminding yourself how blessed you are that it's all happening at once instead of in like four different occasions of crummy weeks. Muah ha ha ha ha.

    p.s. call me if you need to cry. :)


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