Saturday, December 19, 2009


Yay! So, for a Relief Society craft activity, we made these cool Christmas ornaments, and I decided to make a bunch and give them to my siblings as Christmas presents. Everyone got a different style, as you can see here. Haha. I hope now that my siblings see the styles each other got that they still like the ones they got! (Did that make sense?) :)

I have also mailed out the Christmas cards, so I can post that on here. Again, I did not get to print and mail as many as I wanted, and when I finally did stamp them, three were suspiciously missing. Sigh. Life . . . Anyway, so I'm sorry that I couldn't send all of you a card.

So, there is our cute card. Ta-da!
Here is the text that was in the envelope with the card. I meant to tape it to the back of the card, but then . . . I didn't. Ha.

Hello friends! Our life this year was full of changes. We began 2009 living in Provo, Utah. Michelle was working full time as the manager of about 70 freelance writers for Heritage Internet Technologies, and Jeff was finishing up his last year at BYU, as well as interning for a regional manager of facilities for the LDS Church.

In April, Jeff graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Facility and Property Management. The day of his graduation, Jeff and Mimi went to the hospital, and the next day (April 25), Jill Halley Collett was born: 6 pounds 11 ounces and 19.5 inches.

May found us moving to Cincinnati, Ohio, to live with Jeff’s parents. We have really loved being back in the Midwest nearer to both of our families and have had the opportunity to go visit or be visited by family every month we’ve been back.

In November, our prayers were answered, and Jeff began work as a quality account manager for City Wide Maintenance of Cincinnati, a local franchise of a nationwide facility management company.
All together, life is good. Jeff loves his job and beating his brother at ping pong. Mimi stays at home, spending her time with Jill, reading, working on family history projects, and going out with the missionaries. Jill also stays at home, currently spending her time trying to figure out crawling and trying to shove things in her mouth.

At church, Jeff is the assistant ward mission leader for Spanish-speaking investigators, and Mimi is the visiting teaching coordinator. These are relatively new callings; we spent most of the year with Jeff as a nursery worker and Mimi as a Relief Society instructor.

The year ends with us looking for a home to call our own. We did not realize how emotional and arduous that exciting task could be. Feel free to check up on us at

And here is the Christmas letter I helped create for my family. You can click on it to view a larger version. :)


  1. You always do such a great job!

    AND I still can't get over how cute Jill is when she makes that face.

  2. Oh, and I still really really like my ornaments. And, Hallie is either afraid of snowmen, or there is a snowman out there who is afraid of something... I haven't figured it out yet.

    Just thought I'd let you know.

  3. WOW! incredible christmas letter you put together about your fam- your amazing! i can't believe you did that!
    and thank you for sending me a christmas card... i actually didn't send any out to anyone in cincinnati!! lol all out of town family :)
    your ornaments look awesome- what a wonderful idea for your siblings. the cards look great that you put together with them too.

  4. Leave it to you to make awesome homemade presents for your sibs! The ornaments look awesome! You should post a tutorial!

    I am always impressed by your family Christmas card you put together each year. You are so good on the computer. I am going to show my mom your family's letter and see if she wants to copy. :)

    You, Jeff and Jill's card is so adorable. Again, I am way impressed with your handy computer skills!

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas!


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