Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Post of Pictures

I let my camera get a bit backed up on the pictures, so here are a bunch from the last three weeks. Enjoy!
Jill taking a little nap the day before Thanksgiving.
Isn't she just a little cherub with those chubby cheeks?

Mama let her have a taste of her popsicle,
and Jill was extremely thrilled to get to hold the stick!

Okay, okay, I needed to have the flash on,
but it's still a cute picture!!

I love it when Jill makes this face!!

Daddy let Jill try out his candy cane.
She was a big fan.

Jill is pretty thrilled to hang out with Grandpa Collett.

Jill absolutely adores getting to touch the Christmas tree.

Bath time is fun time!!

And to finish off the post in style, here is a video of Jill and the Christmas tree. Watch her face closely, at about second 4 of the video, when I turn the Christmas tree lights on, she busts out a big smile. What a cutie!! Doesn't she communicate quite effectively through her grunts? :)


  1. Cute pictures! (I love the big smile at the beginning of the video when you turn the lights on!!) It is so cute that Jill is standing on a present to be touch the tree!

  2. 1st Christmas tree, it doesn't get any better than that!

  3. those pics are so precious, especially the one of her sleeping on you...

  4. your little Jill is so stinkin' cute!!! love the video. She is so happy!

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