Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Okay, this was funny

Read this story my friend shared from another blog! Click me. :)

Seriously, click the link above. It's really funny.

I just received another funny Holiday photo from my Grandma. I don't know where it originated, because it's an e-mail chain.


  1. ha ha - it took me a minute cuz all I focused on was the fancy house, but I get it now, "Ditto"! that's what we'll do someday I'm sure.

  2. I love that! Hilarious!

    I saw the photo in the link on an email yesterday and it took me forever to realize it wasn't a real person. I thought at first that the wife just took a picture of her husband like that before helping him down, which would be pretty funny as well. :D

  3. o that is so so funny!!
    never have to worry about keeping up with the jones's!!
    ... our next door neighbor cuts his grass like twice a week.....
    not us ;-) hehe

  4. I saw a version of this in Family Fun magazine but they have stuffed dummy upside down in the bushes instead...probably less likely to cause so much concern. That guy did look real! Love the pic and I'm glad you found my blog so now I can blog stalk you!


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