Thursday, November 5, 2009


My friend, Nate Keplinger, and his wife, DeLisa, are trying to win a free stroller. If you'd like to help them, please click here and vote for them! :) They're about 200 votes behind right now, so any help is appreciated. You just go to the website and click "vote" next to Nate Keplinger.

Yay for babies! Yay for strollers! Yay for free baby strollers! :)

So, the link didn't work for some of you. Maybe the link is a bad one, and it's pulling the old page. Because he has over 100 votes now. So, click on this link: and click on the contest standings page. See if it will let you vote now.


  1. It won't let me vote for Nate. I don't know why.

    That's neat that you have kept in touch with him!

  2. it keeps saying erroe 404 browser not found. i wonder why. so it says he has 23 votes right now. i hope it lets people vote so he can win.


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