Friday, November 13, 2009

Oh! life life life

It has been a nice week. It has been busy. I realize that I saw one of my good friends almost every single day this week. I got to work out three times. We went visiting teaching three times. I went out with the sisters three times. Hm. Did I do anything else by threes? I don't think so. I did babysit once, and Jeff babysat twice, so does that work for my nice little three system? :)

My lesson on Sunday went well. I think I mentioned it before, but I'm a Relief Society instructor. I do lessons from the Joseph Smith manual every second Sunday. I really enjoy it. I wouldn't mind teaching more often, because I get so much out of it every time. I love studying the lessons and trying to figure out how to present it—how to encourage conversation, get the vital information across, and make it a safe place for the sisters to share their inspiration and experiences. Last Sunday, I really felt like I was successful. The Spirit was very strong, and I was at least touched. I think others were as well. Hopefully! Ha.

This was my last week with Jeff at home, because he starts his job on Monday. I am very excited for that to happen, but I will miss him. It has been an idyllic, almost summer-vacation feeling these past months. Jeff did work for some of it, handyman/construction and photography, and I did some freelance, but for the most part, it was like middle school again where you had the summer full of empty hours that you got to choose to your liking. We have been blessed to live off of Jeff's parents' generosity and our savings, so it hasn't been too painful, and we have been able to enjoy it. I haven't been able to spend this much time with Jeff since . . . ever maybe. And I doubt Jeff will ever be able to spend as much time with any of our future babies as he has with Jill her first six months of life.

I have been reading my friends' blogs, and I found this post by Lauren interesting. Click me!

My oldest brother turned 30 today, and I think it has the whole family feeling a bit older. At least thinking about growing up and being adults. In honor of how quickly time flies, here are some pictures.

The family at Dan and Rachel's Wedding

Michelle, Phil, Dan, Vickie, Peter, Amy

I'm assuming this picture is from 1985 or perhaps early 1986, because I'm pretty small still.

Mom and Dad are pretty obvious. Then it's Amy, Pete, Dan, and Mimi.

We've grown up a bit. I don't know what year this picture is from. Possibly 1988? 1989?

Again, Mom and Dad are pretty clear (who they are). The order of the kiddos is Dan the Man, Meems, Ames, and Peachy.

Here is one of our favorite family pictures. Well, at least it's one of my favorites. I realize I jumped over a decade in these pictures, but come on. Middle school was awkward for most of us, so let's just avoid that whole time period. :) The order here is Mom, Mimi, Amy, Pete, Dan, and Dad.

Most likely you remember this one from a few months ago at Jill's blessing. It's the most recent one I have with all of the generations. Soon with the entrance of Hanna into the world, it will be outdated, but for now it has us all!

Daniel, Rachel, and Emily Boling; Jeffrey, Michelle, and Jill Collett; Benjamin Homer; Phil and Vickie Boling; Peter, Mindee, and Annibelle Boling; Devin, Amy, and Hallie Rose

Due to my many activities this week, Jeff has been left alone with Jill quite a bit. She no longer needs to eat every two hours, so I have a little bit more freedom. There have been some interesting consequences. Either Jill is now willing to nap alone in her crib, or I am just inept. Because Jeff has been very successful at getting her to fall asleep and stay asleep in her crib. Also, she (I'm pretty sure) misses me. I have had my doubts, previously, as to whether or not she knew that I was her mom, or that I should at least be special to her. She's so friendly with everyone and lets everyone hold her. However, Jeff has said that one multiple occasions she would cry and look at the door (he assumes hoping that I would walk through it if she cried) and then she always seems very happy to see me when I get home. Does she really miss me? Who knows, but I'll take what I can get at this point. ;)


  1. Again, loved all the pictures - don't be surprised if I steal them and they show up on my blog. Do you sometimes think that I just wait for you to post, and then steal all of your stuff? Yeah.

    Jill definitely thinks you are special!! You are number one.

  2. I checked out that post by your friend Lauren - very educational lol. Love the pictures. The one of you guys all leaning on each other is probably my favorite, too. And I'm sure Jill feels that you're special; she's just too young to communicate it very well right now. But you are. It's in your touch. :)

  3. I wish that I could be in RS to hear you teach your lessons. I'm sure you are great! I like your family pictures. The one of you all leaning on each other reminds me of a picture my family took, where we are all sitting with our legs spread out in front of us and leaning back on our hands and into each other in a row (is that description clear? lol.We call it our family train picture). Also, sometimes I think I'm not that great at getting Benji to sleep. Scotty almost never has issues with it. Must be a guy thing!

  4. o those are some awesome family pics!
    and yes the spirit was very strong in your lesson last week. they are always awesome- you are so confident and you really know your stuff.
    it was definately a crazy week.


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