Sunday, September 13, 2009

Welcome Back (not quite) Home

Jeff and I are house and dog sitting this week, so we're back, but not really. :)

It has been a lot of fun so far. One of the pluses is the bed. Amazing. Actually, two beds. At first I wondered why they slept on two twin beds instead of a king or queen, but then I discovered that the beds are special hospital beds. So, right now, the part under my back is totally reclined, and my feet are a bit elevated as well (because Jeff was playing around with the buttons). Fantastic, yes? And, it is amazing. Jeff's back almost always hurts him, but not on these beds! It's so amazing. I know I keep saying amazing, but these mattresses are. We definitely can't afford beds like these, so it's way nice to live the dream for a bit.

She's getting so big!

Along with the house are three dogs. Yup, three. There is an older dog named Isis; she's white. Then there is Auggie, who is different shades of brown and probably four or five years old.

Then there is Zachary. He's only about four months old, and he's black. He has lots of energy! He's also not potty trained. So, he's either in his crate or outside, or we're following him around the house to make sure he doesn't go potty inside. We learned that lesson quickly! You gotta watch him. :)

The dogs are so cute, but it is definitely a lot to have a baby and three dogs. Jeff's parents' dog, Sammy, pretty much just ignores Jill, unless she's crying. Then he gets concerned about that.

Well, Isis ignores Jill, but the other dogs do not. They seem to think she's pretty great and want to lick all over her. I left the bedroom door open today, and before I could do anything, Auggie (a rather big dog) had jumped on the bed on top of Jill.

That was a little scary, but no harm done. Auggie doesn't bite or anything. He's just a licker. Luckily, none of his paws landed on Jill. Lesson learned to keep the door closed or to hold Jill.

Although, Auggie and Zach will jump up with their front paws on me even if I am holding Jill.

I hope the dogs are allowed on the bed, or I'm in trouble. ;)

This experience is making me excited for when I have a dog some day, but it is making me rethink it a bit. I think I might wait until my kids are a bit older, when they can enjoy having the dog around. My niece Hallie loves the doggies, so I know it won't be too long until Jill can enjoy dogs. But it's a bit much to have dogs and infants.

Jeff says (jokingly, I hope) that he no longer wants a dog. I think he's kidding though. He was pretty cute with them today. We sat outside, and he kept trying to play fetch and other games with them.

This is a really cool "neighborhood," if you will. I hesitate to call it that, because you'll think of something that it isn't really. It's isolated but still a community. The houses are in a deep woods, so I can actually only see a bit of one other house when I'm outside, and you feel like you're all alone in the country. It's pretty cool. It reminds me of my grandparents' cottage in Vermont. :)

Along with (or because of) the woods, we get animals. So far, I've seen three deer and two bunny rabbits, as well as countless squirrels. I was driving at night the other day (late night run to Kroger's for diapers), and I was really worried about hitting a deer. The deer here are definitely not concerned about cars and humans at all.

Here is a video of Jill sticking her tongue out. I'm sorry it is so dark! :) I turned one lamp on during the video, but that didn't seem to help too much. Oh well.

Jill started sticking her tongue out last week when we were at my parents' house. Jeff was saying "dada" to Jill with no response, so he stuck his tongue out at her. She then mimicked him and stuck her tongue out! After a while of them sticking their tongues out at each other, Jeff started blowing raspberries, making "thpbth" noises if you will. Haha. She again mimicked him, but not quite like last time . . . She farted instead. Haha. It sounded pretty similar!


  1. cute- you can still see it! so i guess no walking to the park this week- huh? when do you come back? i think my kids didn't start saying dadda til like 7 months old.

  2. must be nice to be out in the country and not hear garbage trucks... traffic... road construction... can you believe our garbage goes out on sunday night!? it comes at like 4 on monday morning.
    p.s. i fixed your name:)

  3. Fun! I have been having the same thoughts about getting a dog. I think we have decided to wait a few more years. But as soon as Ryan is old enough to ask for a dog we are going to get one! :)

    I miss you.

  4. That sounds like such a neat "neighborhood". Hallie definitely loves the doggies, and as you saw when we were there for Jill's blessing she isn't too concerned about being growled at, or jumped on. Bubbles even scratched and bit her and that couldn't hold her back... maybe it's just personality, but who knows!


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