Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Victory Dance buwahaha

Haha. Jeff and I were talking about blogs of some of our friends, and I mentioned one of our friends had put up a bunch of posts recently. He said, "Yeah, I just glanced through. Sometimes you women babble. I'm just lookin' for the pictures."

Well, this post would disappoint him.

No pictures. (Although this would be a good place to put a picture of a cute little kid sticking his tongue out, but then it wouldn't work, now would it? Wouldn't want to defeat my own purpose.) Ahem. Back on topic.

Oh yeah, and I'm sorry about the babbling. ;) Jeff says I babble on my blog.

Victory Dance!

So, I'm not fat or anything, but I am larger than I once was (although right now I'm wearing a shirt that says 1999 on it, so that makes me feel kind of good) and I'm definitely less in shape than I once was. Blah blah blah excuses about having a baby blah blah. Really I'm just not motivated. I need a coach or something. A team. Anyway, that's not really what this post is about.

My friend Elizabeth from high school (remember the Reds game post?) is on a work soccer team and remembering that it's my favorite sport, she invited me to join. They had enough girls, but I made it so there would be a substitute (always a plus!). So, I eagerly/tentatively said I'd love to.

I was quite nervous though. No one likes looking like an idiot, and I wasn't too sure that I wouldn't end up just looking like an out-of-shape has-been.

Well, Jeff said I did look slow (and I agree), so I didn't exactly shine, but I did score a goal! Yay! :) Jeff and I didn't think it was going in, because it was a tricky angle and there was a defender right on me, but I sneaked it in! (Yes, sneaked. Not snuck. Look it up.) (Okay, "snuck" is gaining popularity and acceptance, but "sneaked" is more fun I think. Risen in status. That is language for you!)

So yeah. I feel like hot stuff. And it was really good exercise. I got really, really tired at the beginning. So tired that my gums started to hurt. (Weird, eh? Does that happen to anyone else?) But I got into the swing of things. I'm definitely not fast though. Sigh. Jeff just asked me why I don't run marathons like our friend Brooke. Haha. I'll work on it.

So yeah, I feel really good, and I'm so happy that my friend invited me to play. Soccer is definitely a sport that you have to know people to be able to play it. With other sports, like tennis or racquetball, you really only have to have one friend to play. Others require no friends at all. Like golf. Or swimming. You can do that friendless. Not as much fun though. Most things are more fun with friends.

In other news of my life, such as one of the reasons why I haven't been running recently, Jeff and I went to the library yesterday. I got four books. I read 3 1/5 of them. The fourth book wasn't that good, but I needed to know how it ended, so I just skipped to the end. Too much swearing and awkward things to read the whole book. So yeah, maybe if I could stop reading I would run more. Sigh. (I'm proud of you, Brooke! And of you, Ames! You ran a marathon a while back, too!)

So, once I get around to it, I'll have lots of good recommendations to put on here. :)

Sorry, no videos of my victory dance!

*Disclaimer based off of my sister's note: When I say marathon, I mean like an official run. I have no idea whether it is 5K or 50K. I just use the word marathon to mean running with a bunch of other people who are also running in an organized event, most likely that you had to pay for and later get matching shirts. I know. It's so imprecise of me who is usually precise.


  1. Whoa, Meems, if that "Ames" running a marathon is supposed to be me, I only did a 5k!! And if it is directed at someone else you know whom you refer to as Ames, then congrats to her!!

  2. Also, I need to know what books you read. I just finished two, but they were sub-par, and I was really disappointed. (just really lacking in plot.)

  3. Way to go on your soccer goal! I seriously need to be more active!! Also, I finished the Uglies series (except for the fourth book, but technically that isn't part of the series. Or is it?)

  4. Wow. Thanks for the marathon shout out. Unfortunately, if Saturday's run was a marathon, I still have 23.1 miles to go! Yea, it was just a 5K- 3.1 miles. Don't be impressed. Props to you on getting back into soccer! I think that is far superior to running any race. All I had to do was jog in a straight line and try to not look like an idiot, you had to dribble a ball and you even made a goal! Way to go!

  5. i am totally with jeff- other than like you and my aunt tif i pretty much just skim through the pics. that is why i always try to put pics on my posts even if it isn't exactly what i'm talking about.... but i realize now that i say that i think there has been like 2 times in the past few weeks i didn't use pics. so funny you were talking about feeling out of shape and you posted this- last night? and then we had that conversation while vt this morning? funny! but great job on the goal. sounds like fun:) and never feel guilty about reading instead of running! right now i feel very guilty i am blogging instead of sewing!

  6. Thanks for playing! Your post has a good cheerful post-soccer tone- I always get a huge endorphin rush and am in the best mood ever after the games, and your entry definitely reads like you do too :) See you tomorrow!


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