Sunday, September 13, 2009

Recent Thoughts

I've had a lot of emotions churning within me recently from several events: thoughts from the lesson I gave in Relief Society today on friendship; reflection on the fragile, temporary nature of our existence; gratitude for the well-being of my family; and sorrow for the tragedies that others have faced.

Through it, I have found some inspirational messages, interesting thoughts, and important causes.

"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: 'What! You, too? Thought I was the only one.'" —C. S. Lewis

While no one on this planet can know exactly how I am feeling, I take great comfort from knowing that I don't go through trials alone. My Savior Jesus Christ has suffered them all with me, and my friends who mourn when I mourn share a part of my sadness. I am never alone.

Inspiring Article
Blessed by adversity: Utah man refuses to wallow in past
by Lee Benson Deseret News | Published: Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2009
"Life. It throws change-ups. And nobody is exempt. No one wins them all. Or were you not watching what happened to Tiger Woods on Sunday?

Gary Ceran has seen his share of ups and downs. He's lost three children to cancer. He's lost twins to premature birth. He's lost businesses to the economy. And that was before his wife Cheryl and children Ian and Julianna were killed when a drunken driver plowed into the family car on Christmas Eve in 2006.

Only Gary and son Caleb and daughter Clarissa survived—all that remains of the family that could have been, should have been, 11.

I ran into Gary Ceran this past week. Almost literally. I was walking around a downtown corner, and there he was in the middle of the sidewalk, offering me a free Italian ice sample.

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So that to me is an amazing story of forgiveness.

The important cause that I was thinking of is organ donation. Why not turn your personal tragedy into someone else's miracle?

I was lead to the story of Paul Cardall from one of my friend's blogs. He was born with a congenital heart defect and lived to be 36 years old before he received a heart transplant, making him the oldest person in Utah to do so. (He's still alive.) He's a talented musician as well, and he made this video to increase awareness.

It is interesting how I never really thought about heart problems before. I was naively under the impression that babies were born healthy. However, I have two friends with babies who both have heart problems and a niece with a heart problem. That has awakened me to the knowledge of a grief that I have not experienced, but that I can partially feel as I pray for those babies and their families.

This video was created by Paul Cardall. (Musician website. Personal blog.) He composed and played one of the songs in the background music. One of my friend's babies is featured.

The video is wider than my posting width. You can click here to view it on youtube, where it fits.

Please take a moment to be grateful for the blessings in your life. I am grateful for the knowledge that life does not end with death, for the understanding of eternal families, and for our Brother who can heal our pain.


  1. I have that little organ donor symbol on my license, so if I die in a car wreck, they know right away to give my organs to people who need them. But, Scotty doesn't like that I have that on there. He is afraid that they may kill me even if I'm not all the way dead to give my organs to someone else.

  2. lol funny thought mal.
    mimi you should tell mallory to feature this post this month on her blog:)
    you are very blessed so keep counting girlie!!

  3. Aww thanks, Sara. :) I am definitely blessed!

    And yeah, I've had that mentioned to me before, too. But I honestly don't think the emergency response team would kill me. They might stop resuscitating me sooner than they would otherwise, but they would still try. I don't think they get your license out before they try to save your life, so I don't know how they would know right away. It's a hard decision to make though (whether to be a donor or not).

  4. When I saw the article about Ceran I thought, "how strange, I was just reading that from that guy Paul's blog..." and then you had him listed next!! I guess we both read Marc and Kaiti's blog!

    I love Paul's music, and that video definitely required tissues to watch.

    I am so thankful for all of my blessings, you being one of them!


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