Friday, September 11, 2009

Nieces and Nephews

The grand count is 4 nieces and 0 nephews.

The exciting news is, we're going to have a niece #5!!!


  1. As I like to say, she's coming January 2010 to a hospital near me!

  2. omg i can't believe another girl!! isn't that crazy cuz jeff's family only has boys!? lol i can't wait til it's your turn...
    hey you know your sister looks nothing like you. or at least in her pic at the top of her blog. i would have never guessed you guys were sisters. except maube the blonde hair

  3. Hey Michelle :) I love that you found our blog!! I actually found yours some time ago... Hope you don't mind!! p.s. your little girl is adorable!!!!!


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