Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Baby!

One of my friends had a baby at the beginning of this month, and I've been sorely overdue at posting about it. Her baby is so beautiful, and he has so much hair! His name is Luis Santiago Arellano (named after his daddy).

She was over two weeks past her due date, so they induced her. Well, they tried. She went in Monday evening and ended up having a C-section Wednesday morning.

Definitely hard work, having a baby!

But here is her beautiful prize!


  1. He is a very handsome little man! And kudos to her... my goodness.

  2. beeeautiful baby.
    i had all 3 c-sections and that is the way to go!! scheduled a week early and child care all arranged... i wonder if she has to have them all c-section since she did the first time.


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