Monday, September 7, 2009

Good Times in Michigan

Jill became 4 months old two weeks ago, and we started her on rice cereal. She seemed to be ready: she could hold her head up, had doubled her birth weight, made chewing motions, and was still hungry after numerous feedings a day.

One of the best parts is Jeff's involvement. I take the spoon every now and then, but pretty much it is always Jeff feeding her, and I think that is a lot of fun. He was involved when I would pump sometimes, but honestly I'm not the biggest fan of pumping. I don't know why I don't like it. Maybe I'm lazy. Regardless, I like the rice cereal.

It was so cute watching Jill's face as she tried to figure out what to do with rice cereal the first few times she has had it. (I think she's had it six times now.) She kept moving it around with her tongue, kind of like what in the world am I supposed to do with this?

Anyway. I think she looks pretty darn cute!

The Colletts at Pontiac Lake
There are some perks to me working from home and Jeff being unemployed. One of those is getting to visit our family. This is especially nice since we've been on the other side of the country for so long! We got to go up to Michigan and visit my parents this past weekend. Actually, we're still here. :) The plan is to stay until Thursday. I decided to start posting about it now though, to take advantage of the fact that Jill is napping in her bed. Or gone down to bed early for the night. It's 9:00 pm. Take your pick. ;)

Here is a video of my mom singing to Jill and Emily. Look closely, at the very beginning of the video, Jill has a huge smile on her face! :)

Well, I think we know where the blue eyes came from. :) Mom thinks she looks a bit mischievous in this picture. Definitely up to no good! Or all good. :)

It has been really wonderful to spend time with Mom with just my family around. I love being here with all of my siblings, but then there is a lot of Mom-sharing going on, so it is nice to have some times when I don't have to share Mom.

I really enjoyed having Mom help me with Jill's bath. I was able to see how she would do a lot of things with the bathing and diapering. I can kind of envision what it was like when I was a little baby, and Mom had to do everything for me that I do for Jill.

I'll tell you what, Jill definitely smells good after all of the steps Mom took on her during and after the bath. :)

Jill with her toes in the sand for the first time. We didn't go in the water. The summer here has been too mild for the lake to have warmed up enough for Jill to handle it. Baths are hard enough as it is, and they are with warm water!

Clean and precious after bath time.

Jeff and Jill in front of the lake.

Momma and Jill on the swing.

Rachel showed me how to make these shoes. She and Mom helped me with it as well. They turned out pretty cute, huh? Too bad Jill doesn't fit in them. Haha. I guess I'll either save them for an eventual daughter number 2 or give them to someone as a gift. I think they're cute.

Jill really just is too tempting for Emily.
Here is some live footage of the pool party.

To view more pictures of the fun we've been having, you'll have to check facebook. :)

I stole this picture from my mom's computer.
Jill and I were sleeping (not faking!) in this picture. :)


  1. that bottom pic is way too precious of you two snuggling! sorry i haven't kept up much with posts this weekend. jill is so cute! i can't believe she is actually laughing:) what fun. how awesome to see so much family. thanks for putting that pic with little nick! well let me know when you get back so we can go to the park:)

  2. Hallie, of course, loves the videos. She perked right up when she heard GramB singing, and she loved watching you guys in the pool.

    We're so glad to have you back on this side of the country! I just hope I get to stay over here too...

  3. The last picture of you and Jill sleeping together is just adorable! I love sleeping with Benji by my side!

  4. My favorite is GramB singing to Jill and Emily and the huge smile on Jill's face which kind of fades as she concentrates on the song I guess.

    I'm glad we have mom singing recorded!!! :)

  5. About the pumping--it's not laziness. Pumping sucks, no pun intended, lol.

    I did it for almost a year, and I can tell you, I wouldn't have done it if I didn't have to work. It's NOT FUN!


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