Monday, September 14, 2009

Cool, cool

One of my friends with a cool blog shared some of her favorite blogs with me, and I want to share them with you. :)

This post I have linked is from the blog: The Chocolate Chip Waffle.

What no parenting book will ever tell you
"A friend of mine is thirty-six. She lives in the San Francisco area in a lovely craftsman style home with her husband and some cats. She teaches composition at a community college. She is all at once brilliant, kind, and pretty.

She is fence sitting on the issue of having children, if at all. She doesn't feel ready. Part of me wants to take her by the hand and show her the way.

But how can I show her, really? That children are life's lesson. The lesson. That children, despite drippy diapers, late night teething, and Kindergarden homework, teach you more than any college degree, book, or library of books?"

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Haha. And her other favorite blog was pretty awesome, too. She definitely has good taste. :) It's My Real Life Was Backordered. Here are a few clips from one of her posts:

Digging Out
"We've gone beyond "cluttered". Even "filthy" packed its bags and quit without giving notice.

You know those pictures on the news of those poor communities in Central America that were constructed entirely of hardened mud so when the big earthquake hit, the houses sort of collapsed in a dusty heap, like maybe they were all playing the architectural equivalent of 'Ring Around the Rosy'?

My house envies those houses. My house wants to be those houses when it grows up."

. . .

"I've been gone for nearly a week, visiting family and dropping off my daughter at BYU-Ihatemyroommates. Since I left Rexburg I've received no fewer than two-point-eight million texts from Vanessa, all variations on a theme of "Where did I pack that cyanide capsule?"

I didn't even realize there was such a thing as a "throwing yourself under a bus" emoticon.

The things you learn when your kids go to college."

. . .

"Lord have mercy if I should happen to need a bathroom break during the night. Indiana Jones had an easier time reaching that Cave o' Grails than I have reaching my water closet.

So, naturally, I'm blogging about it instead of, you know, cleaning. I have long held that housework was for the unimaginative, a philosophy which has served me well until this week."

To read the full post, click here.

I hope you enjoyed those three blogs as much as I do. :) Feel free to leave a comment with any other blogs you recommend. I love reading!!


  1. Thanks for the blog shout out! These ladies deserve the attention.


    Here's one of my favorites! Those look like good ones too!


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