Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Comments and Looking Back

I was reading another blog, where the author mentioned receiving 40 comments on a post, saying that was a new record for her.

Wow. 40. That seems like a huge number to me!

I just scrolled through my old posts (in the edit posts function), and I maxed out at 15. The most commented on post was when I had Jill. The second-to-most commented on post was when I announced I was pregnant. That makes sense. :)

I do like my good ol' statcounter though. It lets me know that people are visiting even if they don't comment. I know that sometimes you might not have anything to say. My posts are apparently often not thought-inspiring. And that's okay, since it's usually a very selfish blog and all about me and my life. :) Hey. It's my blog!

On another line of thought . . . I just switched my settings to the new features of creating new posts. I think I like it. I'm getting used to it at least. Once I'm completely acclimated, I'm pretty sure I'll love it. And if not, they do let you go back to the old way, so that's handy. Friendly, even.

I really need to go to bed!

But one last thing. :)

I looked to see what I was up to on Sept. 15 of last year, and lo and behold I did have a post from last year on this date (three actually!).

Here's what I thought was interesting on Sept. 15 in 2008.

I didn't post on Sept. 15 in 2007 or 2006, but here's a taste of 2005. Funny that I have the same haircut right now. :)

And I didn't post on Sept. 15 in 2004 either, but I did post on Sept. 30, and I thought it was interesting how utterly different my life is now from then. So, if you're really bored, here ya go!


  1. I guess I am just not an avid blogger to understand the big deal about comments. That also might be why I never get many.

  2. wow you are so funny! i max out a 7;) i invited a whopping total of 19 people to view my blog!!

  3. you are so funny, never really thought about it. I guess you can see I do read even though I don't comment. You do make me think. side note I don't think I have gotten more than 3 comments. - guess not too much that interests others. ha ha.


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