Saturday, August 8, 2009

Play on the Playground

One of my new friends, Sara Hosler, lives just a few streets away. So, every now and then I get Jill and I out of the house and walk over to the elementary school. She has three super cute kids. (She's super cute, too.)

Anyway, when I come, I bring an interesting new toy with me that is sometimes more interesting than the playground equipment. What is this magical toy?

Jill, of course!

Here's sweet Lilly.

And Nick who likes to get to do things, too. :)

Andrew wanted to hold her (and has before), but he got shy around the camera. :)


  1. Is Andrew older than Hallie, or does Hallie still get the award for youngest person to hold baby Jill?

  2. Andrew is older than Hallie. He went into nursery in April, I believe. His birthday, I'm pretty sure, is in November, so he's two months older.

    Hallie still gets the prize. ;) Unless you count when I put her on top of Emily. Emily didn't really get her arms around her though . . .

  3. Cute pics! I am so happy to have such a fun friend! Thanks so much for being there for me:) Your baby is way too cute... that's why she is their favorite toy!!


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