Friday, August 28, 2009

Melt My Heart!

I love my nieces! I know, I know, I post about them all the time, but come on? Who couldn't resist with nieces like this?!

So, my niece Hallie is the oldest, and she is cute as button. (Most of the time. Haha, I've heard rumors from her mommy that she isn't actually always an angel . . .)

Anyway, her mother (my sister) and I talk on the phone a lot, and apparently sometimes Hallie goes to the house phone and says "Mimi Mimi Mimi" at it. I had my doubts that she meant me. I thought maybe she was just saying "me me me me" haha. But today she took Amy's cell phone and handed it to Amy saying, "Mimi Mimi." So, Amy called me, and we had a nice chat.

At the end of the phone call, Hallie was waving good bye and then AWWWW she said "Bye Mimi!" AWWWW So, she's a year and a half old (20 months), and that is the first time that she has talked loud and clear to me on the phone. She has waved goodbye to me on the phone and made noises on the phone, but never distinguishable sounds meant just for me!

She just melted my heart!!
Doesn't she melt yours?

Here we are when she's six months old.
Watch Hallie grow!!
Newborn, five months old, one year old (almost), and
a year and a half old


  1. HEY!!! Is that why you wanted to get your hair cut... cuz you saw this super cute picture of yourself!?

  2. You forgot to mention that she has NEVER yet said "bye" to someone on the phone, and in person she has never said it so well.

    You should feel very special.

  3. Haha I'm not gonna lie, seeing that picture was a major motivator! I have been wanting to get it cut for a while, because I haven't since February or March, and I have a lot of dead ends, but then I saw that picture when I was looking for Hallie pictures, and well . . . the rest is history.

    Okay . . . Hehe I didn't mention it because I didn't want to brag! ;) But I don't mind if you brag for me!!

  4. She sounds way smart for 20 months old! And I can't believe she looks so much like Jill:)

  5. Also, if any hair cutting is going on may I request a picture?

    I miss getting my hair cut with you...

  6. awww, how cute! I love when little ones start talking.


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