Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jill & Gigi

My grandma Boling makes a trip every year to see her posterity, and this time, I was in the Midwest too, so I got to see her! She's 89 and going strong through Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan—all in just under a month. I sure loved getting to see her for her two days here. And Jill got to meet her great-grandma, Gigi.

The gorgeous dress is courtesy of my gorgeous friend, Holly. ;)

A highlight of tonight's evening was the funnel cakes my father-in-law made for all of us to enjoy. I also liked that my dad and grandma went to stake choir practice to listen to us sing. :)


  1. he loves making those delicious funnel cakes!

    and what a beautiful dress for Jill! Good job, Miss Holly.

  2. She looks great for 89! Wow! Have you got generation pics done?
    The dress is beeeautiful- did she make that? If she did I need her autograph. And I need some funnel cakes.

  3. We did get one taken. I need to scan it. It's the one that was taken on the boat by the boat photographers.

    Nope, Holly didn't make it. She bought it. But I agree that it's pretty. The butterflies are applique and only attached in the middle, so they kind of flutter. :)

    You do need some funnel cakes. You should all come over sometime when Nick is off in the evening. Does he have a set schedule? Let's make a date. :)

  4. Hey, I know that dress! She looks so cute in it! A+ for me.

    I wish I had made it. That would win me some serious cool points.


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