Thursday, August 20, 2009

I may be little now.

One of my friends blogged about poetry and art. I admired her art, and it got me thinking of poetry. I'll never win any Nobel Prizes for mine, but it's fun to do sometimes. Here's one about Jill that I just wrote.

I may have little feet,
But I am going far.

I may have a little chest,
But behind it is a big heart.

I may have little lips,
But they're usually curved into a smile.

I may be little now,
But your attention is very worthwhile.

I'm growing bigger every day,
And one day we'll have to part.

I'm growing bigger every day,
But I'll always be your precious, little star.


  1. Adorable! I especially like the end, about always being the "precious, little star". I always tell Benj that he is my "cutie pie, the apple of my eye and my star in the sky".

  2. I love it! Let's get Marc to illustrate it, eh?

  3. Haha Oh man that would be awesome. :)

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  5. So cute. :)

    Also, you do know them! It is Becky Maxwell (Vaught) and Ashley Tackett. I am excited to see them both!
    You are more than welcome to bring Jill. We would all love to play with her. However, if you would like a little time for yourself, I can certainly understand that, too! I'm sure that Jeff would love the father-daughter time. It is completely up to you!

  6. how precious! thanks for watching my kiddos today. i love when they talk about "michelle" like you belong and you are just one of us:) we went to the park this afternoon and nick says "call michelle and her baby!"

  7. aww melt my heart! At church the other day, I heard Lilly tell someone I was "Mommy's friend," and it made me happy. I hope you had fun at the party tonight! And how sad! I won't get to see Nick much now that he'll be at school. :( He was such a big helper today!


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