Friday, August 7, 2009


Jill is really getting into the Ohio spirit. She's already getting the hang of cornhole. I guess next time we should play with bags instead of tossing her . . . jk of course! (Cornhole is a type of bean bag toss that is really popular in Cincinnati.)
She just started playing with toys a week or so ago. :)
Mallory and Benji feeding the ducks. Well, Mallory feeding the ducks. Benji didn't really understand the concept. :) He thought he should get to eat the bread.
When the goose stretched his neck all the way, he was as tall as Benji. Whoa!
Some would call this a bib. But Benji knows better. He knows it is truly a cape.
I'm a Skyline newbie, but I'm dedicated to being a real Cincinnatian. :)
Haha. I tricked her. She always wakes up right away when I stop holding her to put her in the crib, but this time, I put the nursing pillow in the crib with her a nd bought myself an extra 40 minutes!


  1. I am glad you are in the true Cincinnati spirit cuz you guys better stick around for a looong time! Love Mal's chiquita shirt:)

  2. Ha ha, cornhole. Is that what you guys call it? That's what ALL the frat kids play ALL day long at Purdue, instead of going to classes.

  3. AND Jill look sooo cute sleeping on her nursing pillow!!! What a sweetie.

  4. You're so sneaky. A+ for tricking Jill.

    And I love the cape/bib. Sam and I both chuckled at that. :D

  5. I love that Jill is in the cornhole board... That is hillariouss. It just made my day.

  6. nice trick with the nursing pillow!


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