Sunday, August 16, 2009

Four Generations

Lucille Ellsworth, Daryl Collett, Laurie Collett,
Jill Collett, and Jeff Collett
Lu is Jeff's paternal grandmother.

Philip Boling, Marcia Boling, Jill Collett, and Michelle Collett
Marcia is Michelle's paternal grandmother.

Benjamin Homer, Vickie Boling, Jill Collett, and Michelle Collett
Ben is Michelle's maternal grandfather.


  1. That's so nice to have pictures of all the grandparents like that. Jill will love looking at those when she's older.

  2. Great pictures! Those will be so nice to have in the future! What a keepsake!

  3. I love these pictures. We have one that has four generations of Thalman boys (all of them still have the last name of Thalman...obviously, because they are the boys).

  4. Yeah. We don't get to have any of all the same gender in the picture. :( Jeff's dad's dad has passed, and my mom's mom passed two weeks after Jill was born (and she was in Indiana and we were in Utah, so it didn't work out).

    We almost had an all Collett picture though, but Jeff's grandma remarried, so she's an Ellsworth now instead of a Collett.

  5. nice! those will be so awesome for future generations to see:)


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