Monday, August 24, 2009

Date Night

So, on Friday, Jeff and I got to go on a date. Yay!

It was an impromptu one, but I count it nonetheless. Yes, we did have Jill with us, but she doesn't do much right now, so that didn't matter either. :)

We began by eating dinner at Ban Thai. They don't have a website I can link to, but the food was delicious. I have only had Thai three times now (and I didn't like it the first two times), but I loved it this time!!

Ban Thai
792 Eastgate South Dr # 300
Cincinnati, OH 45245-1590

They're on the road you take to get to Biggs. You can't see them from the street. They're in the same complex as Everything Bagel (which you can see from the street). It's on the side. It's worth finding—trust me.

The entrees ranged from $7 to $15 if I remember correctly. I got a fried rice and vegetable meal, and Jeffrey got Duck Szechuan stir fry. We both loved our meals. Oh yeah, we also both had an celery egg drop soup. Or something like that. It was also very good. It was kind of unusual. I'm not used to having pieces of a fried egg in soup, but it was good. I'm glad I tried it.

We got ours medium, and it wasn't as spicy as we wanted (but we both really like spicy food). We mentioned that to the waitress, and she bought us a container of REALLY spicy stuff that we got to add to our food. Add with caution. ;)

The plates were on the pricey side compared to other restaurants, but in our opinion the food was way superior to other restaurants. It was tasty and healthy. I also liked the atmosphere of the restaurant.

The service was very attentive. Oh yes, if you like sushi, you would be interested to know that they have a HUGE sushi menu right now.

I read some of the reviews online. Some were positive; others were not. Regardless, our experience was definitely positive, and Jeff wants to go back at least once a month. And I wouldn't mind doing so either. I like eating something different than what I eat every day. :) So yes, yay for Ban Thai!

Another date activity involved getting soft serve ice cream cones for only a dollar each at the gas station near our house, on the corner of Schoolhouse and Old 74. Yum yum yum. That part was for me.

The other activity was to spend just over an hour at Golf Galaxy, where Jeff got to try out different clubs and drivers and do a bit of dreaming. :) That trip sadly ended when I let Jill drop on her head. She was "standing" up, so it wasn't too far to fall at least. My foot slipped from under me. I'm basically a bad mom. But after us having to leave the store because her crying was so loud, she pretty much survived.

I wonder how many times I'll have breastfeed in our car in a parking lot total by the time she's done nursing . . .

Ban Thai on Urbanspoon

I'm trying out this urbanspoon site. You can link to it when you review a restaurant, and they'll post your blog review on their site. It's kind of cool. That's why that icon is right up there above this paragraph.


  1. Yay for date night! We also took Jonathan a few times. It's nice to get out, isn't it? One time we were at a restaurant that was so loud that we heard a baby crying, and it took us a couple minutes to realize it was our baby!

    Also, you're not a bad mom. Things happen. I know you may feel that way, but I'm sure every mom has in some way made a mistake that hurt their child, even if it just scared them. Keep smiling and have more dates! :)

  2. lol. We go on dates with Benji a lot. And I used to nurse him in the car a lot, too! Scotty and I have never been to Ban Thai. When you guys want to go back again, we should make it a double (kids allowed).

  3. I don't know if you ever met Devin's friend, Pinthip? She's from Thailand, and she always complains that Thai food in restaurants here is never spicy enough. She had us over for dinner just before we left, and Devin cautioned her that I don't eat food that spicy (who does?) so instead she made really gentle meals... all of which had some sort of seafood in them. I told Devin if anything like that ever happens again, let me go with spicy!! I did my best.

    Also, I had to nurse Hallie in the car a lot... until she grew so big that she didn't fit sideways like that between the door and her car seat!

    And babies get dropped, or fall sometimes. They usually live. They always still love us. (at this age. I guess I wouldn't recommend doing it when she's old enough to remember!)

  4. We're in Ypsilanti, MI, John will be starting a masters in public health program at the U of M in a week or so. And don't worry, you are not a bad mom!

  5. that's so cool that since you only have one baby, she can come with you and it's still considered a date:) lol i remember the first time we ever left baby nick. it was our anniversary- august- so he was 6 months old!!

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  7. Yay for date nights! I bet it was nice to have one!


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