Monday, August 31, 2009

Be "in the know"

Some of you have wondered how I find my articles. Well, here is one way. :)

You can get news updates from LDS Newsroom by e-mail or cell phone. You can either go to the LDS Newsroom at and enter your e-mail address in the little box on the left or you can text ldsnews to 29222 (if you're in the US or Puerto Rico). If you’re outside the United States, text the word ldsnews to 44-762-480-5710.

So, you can be in the know, too!

I enjoyed this video. Although I do wonder why the girl running the marathon doesn't have her hair in a ponytail. :) You might remember it from Conference.


  1. ya hear that? TRUE FRIENDS ARE ESSENTIAL!! I knew it :)

  2. I loved it! It made me tear up! HAHAHAHA

  3. Even Devin actually watched it with me. Of course, it's about running a marathon, so the subject matter might have made him more willing, but still!


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