Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oh . . . the world

News . . . Jeff's mom bought Wii Fit, and Jeff and I (and the whole family) are having a lot of fun with it.

Three nights this week, Jill slept from 11:00 until 7:00.

I've used the jogging stroller that I got for my birthday twice.

My cousin has a quote on the bottom of her e-mail signature that says that family are the friends that God chooses for you. I think that is a lovely sentiment and very true. While thinking about that, how God did such a good job picking Jill, my parents, and my siblings, I realized that a person's spouse is the one and only family member God lets you pick for yourself, and how your relationship with your spouse is the most important and lasting one. What a great trust God puts in us and what a privilege it is that we have to be able to pick our spouses. I remember when I was younger, I was terrified of having to make that decision. I used to wish that I could pull a name out of a hat and then just wait until I met the person with that name, and then ta-da! He would be my husband. Well, that's obviously not how it works, and now I'm very glad that it isn't. How wonderful that we get to pick our spouses. I think I made a very good choice. ;)

Other thoughts have been running through my head. Much less positive thoughts about the world, the economy, etc. I'm usually a very positive, upbeat person, but I have these guilty thoughts running through my head. It's basically whenever I think of the economy or money. Our economy is based on consumption, and I don't see a way that it could change. I feel guilty when I spend money, because I feel like I should save it. But I also feel guilty when I save money, because I feel responsibility to shop. If I don't buy something from that store, then I am partially responsible for it going out of business, people losing their jobs, families living on the streets, etc. Isn't that awful? I wish I could just save and be happy. Because right now I'm not spending. I have to look out for my family more than someone else's, but I feel so selfish. What has our society come to? If everyone started saving and only spent money on needs instead of wants, well the majority (I honestly thing) of the country would be out of business. And what then? Thousands of Americans only have skills in retail, sales, and customer service. If those positions don't exist, what can they do? I want to feel good about saving, because I do, but then I see "store closing," "for sale," or read about bankruptcy, and I feel guilty. I know that my purchasing can't keep a business open of course, but I do have a little piece in the puzzle. I have a Honda instead of a GM car. If I had a GM car, then they would be one car better off. Etc. And it keeps just snowballing from there.

So, don't think I go around depressed all the time, because I don't. There are lots of wonderful things in this world that keep me happy, like Jill smiling, or beautiful wildflowers growing where it seems impossible to thrive, or getting to see my family in a few days, or receiving a present from a friend. The guilt just creeps up on me every now and then, so I thought I'd share it to see if I'm just a weirdo or if any of you have ever felt that way, too.

On a positive note, I just got this in an e-mail from my dad, and it's really funny. I don't know if it is true like it claims, but it's way funny.

I Love Mustard.
(This is a true story. If you have children, you will probably relate to this father.)

As ham sandwiches go, it was perfection: a thick slab of ham on a fresh bun with crisp lettuce and plenty of expensive, light brown, Gourmet Mustard.

The corners of my jaw aching in anticipation, I carried it to the table in our backyard, picked it up with both hands, but was stopped by my wife suddenly at my side.

"Here, hold Johnny (our six-week-old son) while I get my sandwich," she said.

I had him balanced between my left elbow and shoulder and was reaching again for the ham sandwich when I noticed a streak of mustard on my fingers.

I love mustard.

I had no napkin.

I licked it off.

It was not mustard.

No man ever put a baby down faster.

It was the first and only time I have sprinted with my tongue protruding out.

With a washcloth in each hand, I did the sort of routine shoeshine boys do, only I did it on my tongue.

Later, after she stopped crying from laughing so hard, my wife Said, "Now you know why they call that fancy mustard Poupon."

When you stop laughing, pass it on.

So, this story is really funny to me, because I absolutely adore mustard. I use it instead of mayonnaise for the most part. However, I like yellow mustard, not brown mustard, so I don't have to be too worried about this story. ;)


  1. I really like that thought about your spouse being your one family member you choose for yourself. I've never thought of it that way.

    I worry about the economy/world too. Probably more than you, I'm a pessimist by nature. I don't think it's necessary for everyone to only spend on needs, not wants, but the biggest problem that got us into this mess is people spending more than they made. Anyways, I could go on and on about that, but Dave Ramsey has lots of information about it. His website under "Dave Says Column" and I watch old shows of his for free on, just in case you want some "all is not lost" feelings. It really makes me feel better about the economy/world financial situation. :-)

  2. Glad to hear you're breaking into the video game market, you casual gamer, you!

    I agree 100% with the economy thing. In fact, that is one of the main reasons that I couldn't handle working at HWS; being involved with providing an over-priced (in my estimation) service sickened me.

    It is depressing to think about, but, on the flip side, it can help you justify making a purchase! Sometimes I want, say, a candy bar and, if my wife gives me flack, I just say, "Hey. I'm supporting the economy. I'm being patriotic." She rolls her eyes and I win!

  3. lol, Mimi, I love you and your mustard story. You got a Wii Fit? We've always sworn off game systems, but I've TOTALLY been contemplating the Wii Fit. Let me know how you like it!

  4. That is one hilarious story! And ditto to the econonomy part of your post. We want a wii fit, just the wii itself is so much fun!


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