Thursday, July 16, 2009

and just because I feel like sharing

Jill ended up in three different pairs of pajamas last night.

I was holding her, well she was resting on my nursing pillow, and I felt something wet. I turned her around, and yup, lovely light brown wetness from her bottom area. Jeff grabbed her and went to change her and he did this kind of "oops" noise. He had put on the last diaper, and apparently he was not paying attention, because part of it was folded over instead of spread out, so the diaper contained nothing of the poopyness, and it just all oozed out. On me. Lovely. That was around eleven.

Then sometime around five in the morning, I was in the middle of a diaper change (after nursing), and white liquid (duh milk) just started poring out of her mouth. It wasn't spit up; she was actually throwing up. This is very unusual for her, but it was tons. It was basically everything she had just eaten, so maybe four or five ounces. Luckily, she wasn't just in her crib, she was on a towel in her crib. So, the sheet underneath got a little damp, but the towel contained most of it. However, her jammies were soaked.

So, on to pajamas number three.

That was my evening.

What spurred my posting of this is that I was on my laptop e-mailing a friend, when I looked at her and saw spit up running down her cute, little, fat cheek. I'm such a bad mommy.

(I wiped it off for her before I started typing though!) ;)


  1. You just made me giggle. I love your posts.

    Yay for three pairs of pajamas in one night!

  2. Aw, Mims, you aren't a bad mommy. Just give it time. Soon, spit up won't even phase you. :)

  3. Remember when you used to change your clothes ten times a day? Yeah... it's coming back to haunt you now.

    Love ya!

  4. I have a deluge of these type of posts! So funny, because they are so relatable!


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