Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So, a lot has happened since my last post. Understatement of the year right? Well, I'm settled in Ohio. I've been to my new ward twice. It's the ward Jeff was in from 5 years old to 19 years old, so that's fun. :) We're in Jeff's parents' basement, and things have been going well. Jeff is still looking for a job, but he's found lots to apply to, so that's great! Jill was blessed on Sunday, and I had 23 family members here. It was quite a warm welcome for the newest member! I tried to post pictures, but the internet was taking too long, and I got tired of waiting. Maybe a different day. ;)

Jill is getting bigger. She's still wearing newborn clothes, but we're estimating she's around ten pounds perhaps. She drooled for the first time today and often blows spit bubbles. Pretty cute stuff! She slept for 8½ hours last night—first time ever. We'll see if that continues. She's been doing this wide awake thing from about 5:00 pm until midnight every night. It's not cute, haha. I miss when she went to bed earlier, but if the not waking up until 9:00 am thing continues, then I definitely will not complain! She is starting to smile when she's awake as well. It's still rare, but it's happening.

Jeff is having a ball playing basketball with his brothers and landscaping the house. He has ripped up three trees and five bushes so far. We have big plans of brick retaining walls, hydrangea bushes, and much more. ;)

I'm pretty much a food-dispensing diaper-changing machine. That's what I do. I love it. It does get a little repetitious at times, but I love all the time i get to spend with Jilly Bean. We started her on the summer reading program two days ago. The librarian said it's never to early to start, so we started! So far we're working on "Robbie the Rabbit." Hehe. Jeff loves it! I'm pretty sure Jill doesn't really know what's going on with it. :)


  1. Way to go with summer reading! So you're still in Utah, eh? Do you miss work at all? I'm looking forward to more pictures!

  2. Are you staying in Utah then? For some reason I was thinking you were moving to Ohio or something? Well that's great she slept so long. I hope she keeps it up!

  3. I was going to cyber poke you and whisper in your ear that you wrote Utah instead of Ohio... but that's already been brought to your attention, lol. (I don't understand WHY you'd be a little frazzled right now!) Anyway, that's so cool about getting Jill started on her reading, lol. Yea for so much family being at her blessing!
    I'm looking forward to seeing you (both/ all?) soon! Can't wait!

  4. Whoops. Ohio, not Utah. I'll go fix that . . .

  5. Yea! A new post! I know how hard it can be to find the time to update a blog with a new baby! I think I took atleast three months off. :) I'm so happy to hear everything is going well! I am amazed at Jill sleeping 8 1/2 hours! I will be calling you the next time I have a newborn! I will need some tips!

  6. I hope Laurie is recovering from having all 23 of us bombard her. She's a trooper.

    I bet Jill is eating up every bit of Robbie the Rabbit. She just doesn't want to spoil the fun for you, so she pretends to know nothing. The drooling really helps her image.

  7. I'm glad things are going well. So, with the craziness of Emily coming, I guess I missed the fact that you actually moved! I thought you were just visiting family there and would be back. Hopefully you'll take some trips out to Utah so Jill and Emily can be friends!

  8. We are doing summer reading, too!


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