Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Reason to Celebrate

hehe. The main reason to celebrate is that Jill finally spit up on someone other than me! She spit up on Jeff. It's good to share things in marriage . . .

I am also pretty happy with myself about something. I went to the store, and the item rang up incorrectly, and I actually had the courage to ask the salesclerk about it! I did apologize three times while doing so, but I did it, and I was right. Woot. I don't know why money things are so awkward for me, but they are. I don't like dealing with money. I should have been born a lady in a different era, so I wouldn't have to deal with it. ;) Fantastic plan.

So, after sleeping 5 to 8 hours every single night last week, this week has not been so lovely. Last night she was awake from 9:00 pm to 2:20 am. Then she woke up around 5:30 am. I'm pretty darn tired today!

Oh yes, and it has rained almost every single day I have been in Ohio. We've had some awesome thunder storms, some tornado watches, and some warm sprinkles. It's awesome. Everything is so overwhelming green. I love it. There's one reason we moved back! Another sign that I am not in Utah anymore is all of the squirrels and bunnies I have seen hopping around randomly. :) Okay, the squirrels weren't hopping, but you get the picture. (I wrote "hoping," hehe and just noticed it and went back to change it to "hopping.")

I can't wait until we have more money, so we can start enjoying Cincinnati things like going to a Reds game and Paramount's Kings Island.


  1. Just think, in a couple of years, Jill might be as proactive as Peter and learn how to climb out of her crib, as Peter learned to do two nights ago. Now, when he wakes up at whatever time of the night, he just climbs out and pays us a visit.

    It's delightful.

  2. I am the same way when it comes to confronting people about mistakes. Way to go Michelle! Also, I think that's GREAT that Jill spit up on Jeff. Way to go Jill! haha. I definitely am jealous of your rain and green and bunnies and squirrels! It makes me really miss the East coast. Needless to say, we don't have rain, green, bunnies or squirrels here in Vegas. :(

  3. Jilly bean is an equal opportunity baby. I like that about her. And yay for being back this side of the Mississipppi!!!


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