Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More reasons to rejoice

I forgot to mention that Jill is now noticing things. She actually looks at and watches the mobile over her crib. Jeff is also getting very good at getting her to smile at him. She is also making a noise sometimes that we are calling laughter. Yay!

Also, Jeff has introduced me to two fantastic ice cream places they have out here: UDF and Graeter's. Amazing. Both of them. Absolutely fantastic. I also branched out a bit and tried a new flavor. I haven't tried a new ice cream flavor since I was like . . . five or something. I don't know how old I was, but I never do it. I tried Almond Cream Cake, and it was amazing! Sweet victory was mine.

I feel like any day now Jill will show interest in toys!


  1. And you used to tease me for only eating mint choc chip... which is still pretty much the only thing I get. I just never am satisfied with other flavors as much as I know I would be with mcc... sad life.

    I can't wait to hear Jill laugh!

  2. Yeah for all your updates! I miss you! I went to my audition last night for chorale and it wasn't as bad as I thought--I'm just intimidated by Cory so I was nervous. Anyway, it made me miss you!

  3. Looks like Jill is getting big! Hope you guys are enjoying life out East (well more East than Utah....). I like how Jill has a facebook page! Start em while they are young!

  4. UDF is the best...they always have good specials too! We miss it!


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