Monday, June 22, 2009

A Grandmother's Love

So, I got an interesting package in the mail today. It was addressed to me and had no return address. I opened it up, and inside was a beautiful quilt. After admiring the quilt, I turned to fold and put it back in the box. It was then that I noticed there was a card. I opened the card, and it was addressed to my daughter Jill and signed "Love, Great Grandma Verda Adams Homer."

Well, you may remember from my post a month ago that my grandma Homer died last month. She actually went into the hospital the same day that Jill came into this world.

I last saw my grandmother back in December/January when Jeff and I came out to the Midwest for Christmas. While at her house, she had us pick out fabric and a pattern so she could make a quilt for Jill, who was still just a bulge in my belly. ;)

Since her death, I had wondered how far she had gotten in making the quilt and what had happened to it, but I had never asked.

Then today, I received this quilt. It was not the one I picked out, but it was gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful.

I flipped the box over and saw a return address, my great-aunt Fern, my grandma's sister.

I called my mom to see if she knew anything about it. She told me that when my grandma was in the hospital, she talked to her sister (my great-aunt Fern) on the phone and mentioned she was concerned that she wouldn't be able to finish the quilt for Jill. Great-aunt Fern promised Grandma that she would make one. It looks like my great-aunt fulfilled her promise. :)

So, Jill (and my other future children) will now get to enjoy this beautiful, large baby quilt from my grandma and great-aunt.

Thank you!


  1. What a beautiful story! That is so great that you have something special like that to pass on to Jill from your grandma.

  2. This post almost made me cry. What a great story. Now Jill will have something to remind her how much she was loved by your grandmother (and you too!) What a blessing!

  3. Grandma would be worried about quilts while lying there in the hospital... gotta love her!


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