Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baby Blessing

Well, Jill Halley Collett was blessed on June 7, 2009 by her father: Jeffrey Wells Collett; her grandfathers: Philip Hurn Boling and Daryl Allen Collett; her uncles: Peter Hurn Boling, Daniel Hurn Boling, Devin Jerrold Rose, and Jason Allen Collett; and her great-grandfathers: Benjamin Franklin Homer and Donald Ellsworth.

Here is my side of the family. :)

So, these are my nieces Annibelle and Emily. They are three months apart and very similar in size right now. To me, they're the twinners!

The Four Boling Granddaughters!

That's the cupcake tree we used at my wedding open house.
Does it look familiar to anyone? Then, of course, the next angelic picture is the reason why we were all gathered!

Colletts (minus Kyle and Ryan)

Bolings (minus Great-Grandma Boling)

The whole immediate family was there except for Jill's Uncle Ryan on a mission and her great-grandma Boling in Texas. Kyle was at the blessing and everything, but he stayed after church to support his friends at their YW Recognition ceremony and missed the pictures.

Just because Hallie's so cute! ;) (Click to enlarge.)


  1. What a little angel! I love that picture of her yawning . . . so precious!

  2. I loved looking at all these pictures on facebook! Jill is beautiful! I also love the pictures of Hallie. She is looking soo grown up!


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