Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ryan and His Girls

Brooke Bellows is in town for a wedding, to see friends and family, and to meet Jill. I got to spend the day with her and Brittany Poulton today. We went on a very long walk and pretty much just enjoyed being young stay-at-home moms. :) Brooke had a picture of Ryan and Jill and one of Ryan and Chantilly, so I cropped and combined them to get all three. That's why Chantilly's looks a little different.

A super cute thing that happened is during our walk, Ryan leaned over a few times to grab Chantilly's stroller, and a few times, Chantilly would put her hand on Ryan's hand. Awww! Could it be . . . love? :)

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  1. Nice crop! I wanted to get them all in one picture. I even tried a couple of times by holding the camera as high as I could over my head... unfortunately, I was too short to get a good shot. It was so fun to spend the day with you and Brittany! It would have been so fun to be SAHMs in Provo together. Sigh, oh well.


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