Friday, May 1, 2009

Jill with the Hiccoughs

I know hiccoughs are not too amazing, but here she is having them. :) And yes, hiccoughs and hiccups are two accepted spellings for the same word.

And side note, I was laughing at Jeff the other day because Jill peed on him when he was toweling her off from her bath, but last night she spit up all over me, so I guess what goes around comes around . . .


  1. Baby hiccups are my favorite! She is so darling.

    I am glad you clarified about hiccoughs and hiccups. I was about to do some google research to figure it out, but you saved me the trouble!

    Oh spit up, how I DON'T miss you! If you recall, Ryan was the master spit upper for a long time. Just keep those burp cloths handy! :)

  2. MIMI - SHE IS SO CUTE. I'm seriously dying over here. I love her wide eyes. What a beauty. You are a lucky mama.

  3. She is PERFECT!!! I love her so much already!

  4. oh man! so cute! i didn't think she could get any cuter!


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