Sunday, May 3, 2009

Good-bye BYU

Well, our BYU years are finally coming to an end. I graduated in 2007, and now Jeffrey's all done, too. As you can see from the countdown on the right side of the blog, our Utah years are coming to an end as well.

It's interesting. I've been so excited about finally going back home to my family and Jeff's family for so long. I've been looking forward to this for years, and now it's here, and I'm starting to think of all the things that I will miss here. I wonder how hard it will be to make friends when I don't have work or classes to go to and meet people.

I am still excited to move though. I've just had a lot of good times here. It's where I met and fell in love with Jeff for one. :)

Anyway, here are some graduation and family pictures for you to enjoy.


  1. Now I know the real reason baby Jill had to come. She wanted to be in the graduation pictures. It will be so nice to have you closer!

  2. BYU is a famous school some Asians knew it.

  3. I know the feeling. It was weird to finally leave Provo after looking forward to it for so long. There are definitely things I miss, but now they are moving on too! ;)

    Good luck on your new adventures in Ohio! I love all the graduation pictures! You guys look great!

  4. Umm, and that was Brooke, not Zach. I hate when I do that!

  5. Yay!!! Graduating is always a good feeling.

    You worry like I do about making friends. I swore when I moved to Maine that I'd be completely friendless. WOW was I ever wrong!

    You're such an awesome person, and so easy to talk to, you'll have no troubles chatting other mommies up in the park and at church.

  6. Sometimes it's easy as a SAHM to be a little reclusive, but just take advantage of offers for play group and make offers of your own. You're so nice, you'll have no trouble making friends.

    I can come over tomorrow afternoonish. Just call me whenever you want me. I'm always hesitant to call new mommies. You never know when they're taking advantage of baby sleeping by getting some rest themselves and I don't like to interrupt them.

  7. Awww, congrats to your hubby on graduating! Now you get to start a whole new part of your lives! How exciting!

  8. Mimi, I got your sweet note - thank you! Congratulations to Jeff on his graduation and to both of you for this sweet little girl who's joined your family. I'm so happy for both of you. And can I just say, you look terrific! Jill must have just been a few days old when these pictures were taken. :)

    I can't believe you and Jeff are really getting ready to move to Ohio! Yet at the same time, I'm excited for you as you venture out and begin this new chapter of your life. We will always be grateful for the time we got to serve with you in the BYU 164th Ward. Love and best wishes!


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