Friday, May 1, 2009

Back by popular demand . . .

Because it's hard to say no to Amy and Brooke, here are more pictures of Jill. (And because I think she's stinkin' cute.)

Jill is not quite up to speed yet on the whole camera timer concept. I told her to count to 10 and then smile, but the disobedience has apparently already begun. I'll still keep her though. ;)

She's not quite sure yet what she thinks about the camera. She's a little suspicious.

Life is going well for my little family. Jeffrey went back to work on Thursday, so today is my second day of being home alone with Jill. It's been going pretty great. All it has really meant is that she has to cry more often, because there are no longer two people to entertain her. She is not a fan of diaper changes—at all. So, usually one will change her while the other holds her pacifier in and tries to console her. Now she just cries. I really need to get a sling or backpack or something though. I pretty much just walk around with her doing everything with one hand (opening pill bottles appears to be impossible to do with one hand by the way), and my arms are getting really, really sore.

Who knew that six pounds could be so tiring?

Jilly Bean and Daddy


  1. Oh my gosh, she looks just like Jeff. Would you like some help packing or cleaning? Or heck, even just a nap? I remember that's what I always wanted most. I can't come today because I'm getting ready for tonight. But I can come over on Monday. I also have a Baby Bjorn I can let you borrow until you move. It definitely helps out with the sore arms (and letting you use two). And your arms will get stronger as she grows and before you know it, she'll be 15 pounds and you won't even notice :-)

  2. Hooray! I love this post. I think my favorite picture is the one of her and Jeff on the right, where her face is all smooshed. haha, classic. If your arms can just hold out until next week, I will be there and would LOVE to hold Jill all day long! I know what you mean about doing things one handed. It's tough. That said, it is surprising how much you do figure out how to do with a baby in one arm! See you soon! :)

  3. Brroke, Jill can't wait to be held by you!

    Megan, that would be super! Thank you!!

  4. It's true. I don't even notice anymore usually, but the other day I realized I was baking bread one handed... what?! And you will grow used to the weight. I don't even notice Hallie anymore, course, she can support her own weight now mostly...

    And you better not deny me! I need pictures of baby Jill! Thanks!

  5. Mimi--Jill is so pretty--we were so happy that we got to see her yesterday! We love you guys!

  6. Love the blog, love the baby! I'm so excited to see you guys when you drive through! Feel free to stay a few nights. <3
    I totally understand the difficulties of having a baby in one arm all the time; be grateful yours is 6 lbs, not 20lbs. Ugh. My scoliosis is actually much worse because of this. It will be good when Annibelle can sit up and support her own weight.
    I LOVE the pics, btw. What a tiny little babe!!! She is so beautiful, Meemz. I really can hardly stand how cute she is. =)


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