Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jeff's Personal Duty

Whenever we are with babies, Jeff sees it as his personal duty to try to teach the baby how to roll over or walk or crawl or whatever the next stage in development may be. :)

Ryan is currently an excellent scooter and really will be crawling in no time (we think haha). Here is a video of Jeffrey trying to get him to crawl. :) You can decide for yourself whether it's a success or failure.


If you get points for humor, I'm going to say it's a success. :)

And I apologize for my apparently very high pitched laugh.


  1. haha, I say it was a success! Thanks to Uncle Jeff, Ryan can roll over and he is getting closer to crawling everyday! I don't know what we would do without you!

  2. It looks like it to me. I love the video. He looks like he is getting pretty close to crawling!

  3. HA!!! Michael was so impatient for Aidan to learn to do EVERYTHING!

  4. lolololololol... Saw that one comin' a mile away, lol. I love you guys...and your laugh.


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