Thursday, March 26, 2009

Get Fuzzy—Gnome Confusion

So, I love Get Fuzzy as some of you may know. Jeff has never really fully appreciated it. This all changed this week. For some reason, he just all of a sudden decided they were funny and read like the last four months' worth. And then the next day he read them again. Awesome, eh? It's always fun to have something new in common with your spouse, even when it may be as silly as enjoying the same comic. It gives us something new to laugh about and quote to each other. :)

The thread below is from January. It is hilarious. You might pee your pants if you think they are as funny as I did. :) I found a friend/coworker's blog and it had gnomes on it, and it made me think of these comics.

So . . . enjoy!

Click on the pictures if you would like a bigger version of the hilarity.


  1. Oh my word! I remember these when they were first published ... and I CRACKED. So hilarious! Thanks for sharing them, so I could remember!

  2. I read these out loud to Geoff, Cathy and my mom. I did not pee but it was a very close call.

  3. You know I love the Bucky Satchel craziness!

  4. I've been meaning to give you the address for the Provo Bakery, it's on the SW corner of 100N and 200E. Their treats are wonderful!

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