Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I am pretty tired. I worked 10 1/2 hours today. I have worked over time every week for the past three weeks. We have hired 84 new outsource writers in the past three weeks, and I manage all of them, plus the ones we had before, so I'm at like 120 something now. The company plans to hire at least 100 more. I am happy that we can provide jobs for this many people, but I'm wiped out.

To give you an idea, when I leave for the baby and to move to wherever Jeff gets a job, I am being replaced by two people.


So, yeah, I'm awesome, but haha, I don't think I am two-people awesome.

Right now I'm just a tired little girl.

I'm going to talk to my manager about it. He keeps asking me if I'm okay, if I'm overwhelmed, if there is anything I can delegate. I haven't delegated anything. In fact, he did a little bit of my job for me yesterday, and I was upset. Haha. I didn't tell him I was upset. I thanked him and let him know I appreciated it, because when I'm rational I do appreciate it.

The truth is (and it probably won't surprise many of you) that I'm a control freak. There. I said it.

I hate letting other people do things for me. I just honestly think they won't do as good of a job as I will. I guess I'm a little vain, too.

So, I'm a tired, vain control freak who is working way too much and just wants to sleep when she gets home, but then she wouldn't spend any time with her fantastic hubby, and that would be a real tragedy.

I feel better now that I've blogged about this though!


  1. Vain little control freak regardless, I love you!

  2. Where is it that you work? I know a couple of people who could really use a job right now. Would it be full time? Maybe they could help you be less tired... or make you be more tired. :)

  3. E-mail me, so I can give you information. :) m1800collett@gmail.com

  4. And I feel better knowing that I've read one of your blogs. There. I said it. Now I've read something you've written.

  5. I'm a total control freak, too! Especially about important things, like work and projects. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Wear the badge with pride. ;)

  6. Wow, all that work AND growing a baby. How do you do it? :) I recommend some much deserved rest and relaxation, cuz!

  7. Maybe they should pay you a little more since you do so much! :)

  8. They pay me pretty well actually. :) No complaints there.


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