Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rachel Leetham is now Rachel Dew!

I had a wonderful coworker (and friend) for a little over a year. She was a swell girl named Rachel Leetham. (You may remember me blogging about her bridal shower a few months ago.) Anyway, she was sealed this morning for all time and eternity to Ryan Dew. :)

It is really quite fun for me to see them sealed, married, and so happy together, because when I met her, she was about to meet him or had just barely met him—I'm not sure.

So, she would come to work, and we would chat, and she wasn't dating anyone, etc. etc.

I remember going on her facebook profile one day and seeing a picture of some Ryan guy.

In fact, he had an entire photo album to himself with just one picture! I had to tease her about that of course and ask who the lucky guy was. :)

She blushed a bit, because she's Rachel, and said that he was Ryan this guy in her complex. I think she already liked him, but she's shy and he was shy and one of her friends liked him, and the normal obstacles arose. :)

A lot of months passed, and there were more pictures of him on Facebook for me to tease Rachel about. Then the comments back and forth between Rachel and Ryan on those pictures was always good fodder for work conversation.

My other coworkers and I (specifically Bekah) loved hearing about how things were going and what new developments there were.

Finally, Ryan and Rachel made a bet with each other about the spelling of a person's name from the scriptures, and the stipulations were that if Rachel won, she got to go on a date with Ryan, and if she lost, she had to go on a date with Ryan.

It turns out that they were both right. The name was used more than once for different people, and one spelling had a C and the other a K, so they went on their date.

He planned a fantastic date, to a dinner theatre. She was all, "I don't know if he likes me." I told her that if he didn't like her it would have been a short date to get ice cream, not an all out fancy evening at a dinner theatre.

More dates continued, and some funny things happened. And it was such a fun romance to follow.

I definitely wouldn't trade marriage for dating again for anything in the world, but it was very enjoyable to live vicariously through Rachel again with the woes and ecstasies of first dates, hand holding, first kisses, etc.

Then he proposed, they met the family, and Rachel stopped working at Heritage. Haha. Sad for me, but good for her to be able to move on.

She know lives in Idaho, because Ryan transferred from BYU to BYU-Idaho, and I really miss getting to see her every day.

It is manageable though, because it is so wonderful to know how happy she is and how wonderfully everything has gone for her.

She and Ryan are both great people, dedicated to living the gospel and making their marriage work, and I am very excited to see what the future holds for them.

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  1. Aww, so looked so gorgeous! I wish I could have gone, but I'm glad you got to see her. She's been such a good friend to both of us--I'm sure you miss her a lot.


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