Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pregnancy Hehe

So, today I was asked how my pregnancy was going. Specifically, I was asked, "How's your pregnancy going? Is it more pleasurable or painful?" I thought that was a funny question. :) My response was that it was exciting, with some pleasurable and painful mixed in, but mostly just exciting!

So here are what make up the mix . . .

Pregnancy Woes
  • Acid Reflux (second trimester)
  • Headaches (first trimester)
  • Back Pain (first and second trimester)
  • Nausea/Throwing Up (first trimester)
  • Itchy Belly (second trimester)
  • Charlie Horse Leg Cramps (second trimester)
Pregnancy Joys
  • Being pregnant!
  • Hearing the baby's heartbeat
  • Seeing the baby in ultrasounds
  • Feeling the baby move
  • Hearing Jeff talk to the baby (hehe, so cute!)
And the newest pregnancy joy: Seeing the baby move!

Yesterday, for the first time, I saw Jill move! I could feel her, and she was moving like crazy. I usually only feel her on the inside, and I don't try to feel her on the outside (by putting my hand on my belly, like how Jeff has to feel her), so I decided to try it. I put my hand on my belly, and all of a sudden my hand moved!

I thought my eyes had played tricks on me, so I moved my hand, and my belly moved again three more times!

It was so exciting! :)

I thought I would have to wait until like 35 weeks or something to get to see Jill move in my belly, but it's already happening at 27 weeks!

Happy happy joy joy!

Aren't I a lucky girl?


  1. just wait until you get pregnant enough to see hiccups--that always cracked me up!

  2. ugh...hiccups. Hallie got them EVERY night when it was time to go to sleep... and it kept me awake!

    But watching your baby move is so much fun! I loved taking a bath and splashing water on my belly to watch her move... She still loves baths!

  3. Your blog looks cute--I like the new background. And your hair looks cute too. And how exciting to SEE Jill! We missed you last night--all the ladies behind us were asking about you. (Marilyn conducted and ripped on the sopranos the whole time so you didn't miss much.)

  4. This happened during writers group, right? I'm excited for you--that must be the coolest thing in the world!

    p.s. I really like your new blog. So cute! And I love the "happily ever after" part. :)

  5. I always loved feeling and watching Brennan move! Shane was so surprised the first time he saw my belly move after a good kick. :) Glad you're enjoying your pregnancy!!

  6. Yea Michelle! That really is the best part of pregnancy! I still miss it sometimes. I am so excited for Jill to get here. You are going to be a fabulous mom!


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