Saturday, February 21, 2009

FM Formal

Jeffrey's major had a formal dinner for their opening social this year, and it was a lot of fun!

Hehe, Jeffrey mentioned it to me back in January, and I immediately got so excited. Jeffrey knew exactly what I was excited about, and he asked me why I was getting so excited and then casually tossed in that I wasn't going to fit into any of my formal dresses.

How crushing and true. I have kept them in the back of the closet wishing I would have something to wear them to, and now I do and can't! Such is life, eh?

So part of my Valentine's Day present was that Jeffrey bought me two beautiful maternity dresses! One is the dress you see featured to the right, and the other is the chocolate chip colored one (hehe brown) that I wore to church last Sunday. Don't I have a thoughtful hubby?

The evening was great. There were lots of students, professors, alumni, and dates there. There was a four course meal, etiquette lesson, video presentation, speech, and dancing. Jeff even danced a song with me. :) And I learned where our tradition of wrapping silverware in napkins came from!

Since Jeffrey had paid his dues, our tickets were $5 for both (not each). I feel bad for anyone who went who hadn't paid their dues though! Their tickets were $90!

After the formal, we went over to Legends Grille, because we do not have cable, and Jeffrey has to watch his Cougars play. :) We are both pretty exhausted but trying to hide it for the sake of a quality photograph. Haha.


  1. how fun! i'm glad you got to go and have a good time! I love those dresses too, you look fantastic in them!

  2. What a great hubby for getting you those dresses! It looks like you had a fun time!

  3. I'm so glad you had a good time! I still wish I could have been there, too. You looked beautiful!

  4. aww thanks. :) It would have been fun for you to be there, too!


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