Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fancy Pants House

Jeffrey had a school assignment that required him to be a project manager on a home building project. He had to write up the plans and the supervise the creation but not touch it at all. He had to have someone else do it completely.

Well, I am of course the resident someone in his life. Haha. So, it was my privilege to create this house.

I have never created a house before, and I was not allowed to use a shoe box. :( So, I am very proud of how it turned out. Hehe.

I glued scrapbooking paper onto computer paper onto pieces of cardboard. I used the edges of a cardboard boxes as hinges to get my different sides to stick together.

It looks a little cartoonish, but I decided I was building it as a house for Jill. She could probably fit inside of it right now. She might take up the whole house though.

Anyway, this is just a post for me to brag about the house I built.

And try not to get too excited. My belly really isn't that big yet. For some reason I am leaning back a lot in this picture. Maybe because I am trying to rest the house on my belly, I'm not sure.

My belly is getting bigger every day, but I think this picture overaccentuates the growth.


  1. Love the Merry Christmas shirt you're wearing.

    Nice house! Nice belly! Lookin' good. Was Jeffrey pleased with how "his" project turned out?

  2. I asked him. He shrugged and said "yeah." :) Yeah, I wear that shirt every now and then. Maybe once every two weeks. :) Mindee has good taste.

  3. I love the house you built. I would live in it if I could. More houses should look like that.
    You look so pretty :)

  4. I love your house! I remember making one for Zach last semester. I actually had a lot of fun making it, probably too much fun. :) Jill is getting so big! You look so cute and even though this sounds cliche, you are glowing. Just beautiful.

  5. Aww thanks, C and Brooke. :) I bet your house was way cooler, Brooke.

  6. You're so creative. I wish I could be cool like you. :D


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